ExplOregon: Life is Out There!

ExplOregon is a great way to meet new people, explore Oregon, and participate in fun activities! Be sure to join in on some of the fun! There are so many adventures to go on and so many people to meet! Get out there and get involved! Check out our Get Involved Page to learn about other opportunities on campus. There is always something fun going on!

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Students hiked the famous Skinner’s Butte this past September! Right after a fun hike, they explored the 5th Street Market right here in Eugene!






ExplOregon visited Lone Pines Farm here in Eugene Oregon! After picking out the perfect pumpkin, students carved their pumpkins for the true Halloween Spirit!






Students tested out their skills at solving puzzles and critical thinking to escape the Trapdoor! Trapped in a room with different clues, they had to discover the way out while working together! Think you have the skills to do it? Join us next year!






Love Marine Life and the Ocean? This year, students got a chance to check out the beautiful Oregon Coast and see some Marine Life on the Sea Life Cruise and Oregon Coast Aquarium! When on the coast, don’t forget a jacket! It can be a bit cold!







Tag you’re it! Everyone got to play a friendly game of Laser Tag! Not sure what that is? Come try it out the next time ExplOregon goes and join in on the fun!







Let’s get active and go ice skating! Bring your coat and mittens, and let’s skate away! ExplOregon goes on ice skating trips that you don’t want to miss out on!





Jump high and reach for the sky! Ever wanted to be in a room full of trampolines? Do you love jumping into a sea of soft spongy foam? Join us the next time we go to11050203_1683711205184948_2099120160595334308_o Get Air in Eugene!









Hop in! The water was great in this awesome raft! Come raft with us on our next adventure! Interested in more outdoor adventures? Check out the Outdoor Program and ExplOregon for more events!