Reducing the energy requirements of buildings reduces the demand for new energy production, and the cost of energy conservation is far less than the cost of new generating capacity. Our design assistance to architects and engineers covers the gamut of load reduction strategies from daylighting to night ventilation of mass and also includes climate and microclimate analysis, thermal and visual comfort, mechanical and lighting systems selection and integration, controls and operation sequences, and broad sustainability issues. We frequently deliver our services as part of an integrated design process we have developed and promote. We also develop unique and innovative design tools when we see a need for them.

Sample Projects

Chemeketa Community College Health Sciences Complex

Chemeketa Community College Health Sciences Complex is a 70,000 sf project located in Salem, OR. Building form and orientation, size and shape of shading elements, glazing areas and location, and interior reflectors work together to optimize daylighting. Artificial sky and heliodon testing of louvers and shading elements determined the performance and influenced the final design.

Download a pdf about the complex here

Project Size: 70,000 sf
Completion: 2011
Location: Salem, Oregon
Architect: SRG Partnership Inc.
Engineer: PAE
Consultant: Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory

Lane Community College Downtown Center Academic Building

Among its many energy-efficiency features, nearly the entire building is cooled by night ventilation of mass through stack ventilation. Inlets are motorized operable windows controlled by the building automation system, with occupant overrides. The 1st and 2nd floor rooms exhaust air into double-loaded corridors that are vented vertically through the atrium. Vertically adjacent classrooms on the 3rd and 4th floor share stacks and exhaust through roof penthouses with turbine ventilators. The offices on the south wing of the 3rd and 4th floors make up another zone, exhausting to the hallway and then through a stack to the roof. ESBL is currently performing an evaluation of the building’s night ventilation system.

The first three floors are daylit from the perimeter, while the 4th floor classrooms are lit primarily by skylights using the reguflector system. When people enter an empty 4th floor classroom they are welcomed by light as skylight louvers automatically open. The reflector and sloped ceiling evenly illuminate the room, and electric lights are controlled automatically.

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Project Size: 91,818 sf
Classes started: 2013
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Architects: Robertson Sherwood Architects and SRG Partnership
Engineer: PAE Engineers
Consultant: Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory

 Lane Community College Health and Wellness Center

Lane Community College’s Health and Wellness Center is organized around a central ‘lung’ for natural ventilation and which also provides daylighting. Innovative perforated metal sliding security doors allow for natural ventilation zoning that works with the building operation.

Recognition: First Place, Public Buildings $1.5M-$15M, Daily Journal of Commerce TopProjects, 2011.

Project Size: 41,700 sf
Completion: 2010
Location: Eugene, OR
Architect: SRG Partnership Inc.
Engineer: SOLARC
Consultant: Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory

Portland Community College Southeast Learning Commons

Lane County Community College - SRG Partnership

The light cones in the Learning Commons at Portland Community College Southeast, designed by SRG Partnership, Inc., are both a distinctive architectural feature and a key component of the building’s daylighting scheme. The light cones channel daylight from the round skylights through the two floors below, tempering the amount of daylight distributed to the already well sidelit upper floor and conserving the light to illuminate the lower floor. The cones were developed by analyzing the daylight distribution of physical models in a Mirrored-Box Artificial Sky, using various lightwell geometries and materials.

Project Size: 34,145 nsf
Completion: 2014
Location: Portland, OR
Architect:  SRG Partnership Inc.
Engineer: PAE Engineers
Consultant: Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory


List of Design Assistance Projects

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