For more than thirty years, ESBL has collaborated with academia, government agencies, utilities, product developers, and the profession to save energy by creating new knowledge, developing new products and processes, and providing design assistance on award winning buildings.

Having invented new materials, components, and assemblies with improved performance, ESBL provides experience and expertise to help companies conceptualize, develop, and test new building products.

Architect Kent Duffy describes the innovative daylighting system in a full-size mockup of a high performance classroom at Mt. Angel Abbey.

Collaborators (partial list):

  • SRG Partnership
  • NEEA
  • Integrated Design Laboratory, Puget Sound, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
  • Integrated Design Laboratory, University of Idaho, Boise, Idaho
  • Integrated Design Laboratory, Washington State University, Spokane, WA
  • Integrated Design Laboratory, Montana State, Bozeman, Montana
  • Modern Building Systems, Inc.
  • ZGF Architects
  • SOLARC Engineering and Energy+Architectural Consulting
  • Department of Biology, U of O, Green and Bohannan
  • KPFF Engineering
  • CSD Nano
  • Oregon State University, Chih-Hung Chang Group
  • William Porter Company
  • AFM Corporation
  • BOORA Architects
  • SERA Architects
  • Trus Joist MacMillan