The Enhanced Research Skills Certification Program (ERSCP) is an opportunity for UO undergraduate students to receive training and education in research knowledge and methods. The ERSCP consists of a series of 5 workshops taking place during the winter term. The workshop topics are:

1. Responsible conduct of research

2. Finding scholarly literature in a discipline and managing and organizing information

3. Understanding data

4. Collecting and using data ethically

5. Writing abstracts and communicating research

* Each session lasts one hour and thirty minutes.

How it Works:

The ERSCP is open to all UO undergraduate students. Students can decide to attend only those workshops that meet their interests, however, in order to receive a certificate of completion you must attend all five of the workshops and complete the post-workshop survey.

Program Dates:

Workshop 1: Responsible Conduct of Research

Wednesday, January 13     6-7:30 pm     Knight Library, Room 41 & 42

Workshop 2: Finding Scholarly Literature and Managing and Organizing Information

Wednesday, January 20     6-7:30 pm     Knight Library, Room 41 & 42

Workshop 3: Understanding Data

Wednesday, January 27     6-7:30 pm     Knight Library, Room 41 & 42

Workshop 4: Collecting and Using Data and Information Ethically

Wednesday, February 3     6-7:30 pm     Knight Library, Room 41 & 42

Workshop 5: Writing Successful Conference Proposals and Research Abstracts & Communicating Research

Wednesday, February 10     6-7:30 pm     Knight Library, Room 41 & 42


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