Artifact Six: Technology

Learning Unit Objectives:

Art, Technology, and Games
•Learn about the history of computer graphics
•Examine the role of technology as a force for cultural maintenance and change
•Discuss the validity of art created with the aid of machines

Original Post:

In the article“Computer Graphics: Effects of Origins”, Jones states that “new forms of art and technology are frequently cast in the mode of old forms, just as other aspects of material and symbolic culture have been. Only when these new forms become available to the larger population can they affect cultural patterns of maintenance and change.”(Jones 21) That is to say that the computer graphics are continuing upgraded and the quality are getting better; however, the concepts of structure graphics are still in old fashion and does not even change.So we can conclude that the origin products are the fundamental factor contribute to the new forms and better qualities.In Jones’ words is that computer graphics are not coming into human’s life suddenly,but experiencing a long period processing in our society.

In the article, Jones mentioned three historical examples as thesis illustration.One of those is that “Electronic and photo art forms have been and will continue to be influenced by their origins and practices.” The electronic part make a huge contribution to human values nowadays, without the power generated by electronic machines, we can not enjoy the development of our technology.

I think a good example in today’s culture that supports Jones’ thesis of work is the iPad and its APP.In the modern society, we can see people use iPad everywhere on almost everything. At the same time, a huge amount of people use iPad to sketch pictures and make 3D modes on some soft wares in iPad. More than that, we can consider iPad is the development of computer graphic machine, we do not even need some particular tools to draw artworks on iPad, what we need is just our fingers and an APP on iPad. Using an iPad is more efficient than using a pencil or a paper to draw pictures, because we can draw a picture on the iPad and at the same time we can use different soft wares to make the picture to a 3D picture or make it to a short video.There all more example in the article “Six reasons iPad is an artist’s productivity tool”, in the article ,the author states that “Digital artist Angie Jordan use the Sketch Book Pro app from the App Store and sit down to create charicatures at the iPad launching event.” So in the end, we can easily find that iPad is the illustration of the computer graphic development, which we can also consider it as the development of the origin.


computer graphics are used a lot around us in our daily life. Like 3D animation,3D video games and so on. I can interpret that the history of computer graphic can be seen as the origin of today’s  high technology.  the advanced computer graphics give a strong support to today’s big video games and HD televisions.










this picture tell us that a lot of computer graphics are transported throw the high speed internet nowadays. The pictures are interpreted into data and then transported through out the internet. So we can consider the origin of the advanced internet is the computer graphics.












This picture illustrate that due to the fact that the advanced computer graphic skills, our video games are made like real. In the game need for speed, the cars in the game are made very real, no matter the outlook of the car or the detail of the street views.  we should consider the computer graphic is the origin of today’s video games.

In the Future:

Although with the development of our technology, the video games and computer games are made more than real, which can attract us a lot. I still want to abandon oneself to playing in games. Because no matter how real the world is in the game, it is a virtual space. we should focus on our real life and keep doing health activities.


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Jones, B. J. (1990). Computer Graphics: Effects of Origins. LEONARDO: Digital Image –Digital Cinema Supplemental Issue, pp. 21-30.

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