Physical Geography at the University of Oregon

ECRG logo by Mitch PowerThe following four labs affiliated with the Geography department collaborate on many projects and together comprise the informally-named Environmental Change Research Group. Our research addresses the variability of past climates and the biogeographic and ecosystem consequences of that variability, with implications for gauging threats of ongoing climate change, land use, and population growth.

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Lab  (Lucas Silva)

  • Terrestrial ecology
  • Climate change impacts on natural and managed lands

Paleoecology and Biogeography Lab  (Dan Gavin)

  • Quaternary paleoecology: Influences of natural disturbances and climate change on ecosystems
  • Multi-proxy studies from lake sediments and tree rings
  • Climate refugia

River Research Group  (Mark Fonstad and Pat McDowell)

  • River dynamics
  • Human-water relationships
  • The interplay of ecosphere and biosphere

Climate Lab  (Patrick Bartlein)

  • Paleoclimatology
  • Paleoclimate model intercomparison
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Vegetation modeling responses to past climate change