ENHS Membership Application


You can use this page as a membership application. Just print out the form and fill in the requested information. You may also use the link below to download the document for printing. To download the file, you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed. You can find Acrobat Reader at

Membership Form PDF

Membership Form


ENHS welcomes new members! To join, fill out the form below. Membership payments allow us to give modest honoraria to our speakers, as well as to pay for the publication and mailing of Nature Trails. Our web address:


MEMBERSHIP FORM                                                                                                                        






City___________________________State & Zip___________________ Phone______________


E-mail (if you want to receive announcements)___________________________


I (we) prefer electronic copies of NT rather than paper copies. ___Yes ___No


If yes, email address (if different from the one above):________________________________


Annual dues for renewing members are payable in September. Memberships run from September to September. Generosity is encouraged and appreciated.

: Family                                     25.00

Individual                                   15.00

                                                Life Membership                     300.00

Contribution                ______


Make checks payable to:

The Eugene Natural History Society

P.O. Box 5494, Eugene OR 97405


Providing the following information is voluntary, but appreciated:



_____ Archaeology                _____ Astronomy                   _____ Bird Study

_____ Botany                         _____ Conservation               _____ Geology

_____ History of Science       _____ Herpetology                 _____ Meteorology

_____ Mosses and Lichens    _____ Mushrooms                  _____ Nature Walks

_____ Wildflowers                 _____ Zoology


Would you like to:


_____ Lead field trips?     _____ Teach information classes?               _____ Work on committees?


What would you like to hear a talk on? ________________________________________


Do you have special experience in natural history? _______________________________