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Media Map Draft


Media map draft

Learning objectives for marketing media and communication II


  • Be more sophisticate to operate video editing software.
  • To understand the concerns and decisions had to make when conducting a marketing plan
  •  Be able to divide the proportion of the amount of studying and be an active reader and walk out of classes with a better method to prioritize my affairs.
  • Gain a solid understanding of branding and public relationship
  • Explore the new media that influence in art marketing

Learning reflection for art in society

  • Growing my own research database in  America’s Art sector.

After doing my field guide research, I do have a better understanding of film festivals in North America. Furthermore, seeing the rest of classes’ doing their field guides was really helpful for me to obtain the research database in America’s art sectors.  

  • Be able to complete my field guild project, and dig deep into the topic I choice.

It was the most valuable knowledge I obtained from this term. I really appreciated our having the chance to do this assignment. I really enjoyed it not only completing it but also learning some useful methods to finished my work.

  • Being involved in the class discussion. ( it is really hard for international student,especially back to my own country,class normally just the professor’s speech. )

I think I have a lot of space to improve in the goal. I tried my best to understand all the reading materials and modules. I am glad I completed the module discussion with my teammate. However, I still need to put more effort to be able to talk in the class and share my experience.

  • Enrich my ePortfolio project as my personal brand.

Through this term, maintaining my ePortfolio still needs a lot of time than I thought, but one thing I know for sure is that setting the pages and putting context to the blog become my continuous task through my school years and even my career.

Learning reflection for marketing media and communication

  • Be able to provide the basic skill in illustrator, photoshop and indesign.

I’m pretty satisfied of my skills in illustrator and indesign. After this term, not only did I understand the basic function of those softwares, but also I can design a poster, a display ad, and even a business card. I felt like progressing especially when I finished the graphic standards.

  • Identify the difference between good design and the bad one, by analyze the principles of design.

I think I will never forget the (C.R.A.P). Through all the classes, Eric provided a plenty of samples and cases of what an eye-catching design is and what kind of error we should avoid. Furthermore, his diigo list became my great resource when I talk about a good design.

  • Connect my own experience in marketing compare and contrast with the case study, also understand how to develop the new method and skill in marketing and communication.

The most unexpected outcome of this class was that I completed my case study and analyzed the organization through the new methods I obtained from the class. I definitely had a wild marketing concept than before and  started to think differently from a marketing perspective.

  • Create a concept map of New media

I don’t think I completed this goal. However, this is a relatively wide knowledge to learn. Nevertheless, I did learn some new online resources, such us Diigo,Vimeo, issuu, and prezi.

    • Obtain the knowledge of cross-border media in art and culture area

In my opinion, we didn’t have a lot of conversations about the media in the class. Instead, we had more discussions in marketing and design. However, both of them are the media methods we utilize in art and culture sector.

Graphic Standards

Here is my graphic standards foe Cinema Pacific Film Festival

Graphic standards

Field Guide to an Art World

Here is my  Field Guide to an Art World

I created A map for 12 must-go film festivals in North America

Please enjoy it!!

Field Guide

Display Ad for Cinema Pacific Film Festival 2014

Here is the ad design for cinema pacific film festival 2014



Collateral Drafts


Here is the re-design logo for cinema pacific film festival


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