Learning reflection for marketing media and communication

  • Be able to provide the basic skill in illustrator, photoshop and indesign.

I’m pretty satisfied of my skills in illustrator and indesign. After this term, not only did I understand the basic function of those softwares, but also I can design a poster, a display ad, and even a business card. I felt like progressing especially when I finished the graphic standards.

  • Identify the difference between good design and the bad one, by analyze the principles of design.

I think I will never forget the (C.R.A.P). Through all the classes, Eric provided a plenty of samples and cases of what an eye-catching design is and what kind of error we should avoid. Furthermore, his diigo list became my great resource when I talk about a good design.

  • Connect my own experience in marketing compare and contrast with the case study, also understand how to develop the new method and skill in marketing and communication.

The most unexpected outcome of this class was that I completed my case study and analyzed the organization through the new methods I obtained from the class. I definitely had a wild marketing concept than before and  started to think differently from a marketing perspective.

  • Create a concept map of New media

I don’t think I completed this goal. However, this is a relatively wide knowledge to learn. Nevertheless, I did learn some new online resources, such us Diigo,Vimeo, issuu, and prezi.

    • Obtain the knowledge of cross-border media in art and culture area

In my opinion, we didn’t have a lot of conversations about the media in the class. Instead, we had more discussions in marketing and design. However, both of them are the media methods we utilize in art and culture sector.


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