CompTech Final Summary Report

Final summary report

CompTech Work Logs Weeks 6-9

Week 6
Midterm checking point and started the final project. This week I started collecting the footages from all the cinema pacific staff and other related participants. There were almost 1000 photos and 200 videos that I had to filter and it took most of the time of my week load.

Week 7
Lesson learned!! I forgot to export the first assignment from the trial version, and it is gone. During this week’s meeting, Eric helped me look where the project was stored on my drive and tried to grab the project files. Unfortunately, the files in the trail version were locked by the computer only if I bought the same version of final cut pro that I could get my files back. Eric suggested that I move on my final project and let it go. Looking into the bright side, I am learning where to look into when I cannot find my project and also I will never forgot to export again.

Week 8
Working on the final project, this time I decided to explore more effects and plugins. Moreover, I would like to discover audio functions. This week, I learned how to separate the soundtrack and the footage. Also, I created opening effects for the project and already finished editing a few events. Next steps are to bring all together, get a feedback from the director of Cinema Pacific, finish up the project.

Week 9
This week, I failed to obtain a feedback form the director. However I completed editing, exported it, and uploaded to Vimeo with a HD quality. The highlight video was about four minutes long and it was a video combined with footages and static photos which were taken during the festival. I worked heavily on the audio section this week and hopefully I can from the director soon.

Comparative Technology Final Project: 2014 Cinema Pacific Highlight

2014 Cinema Pacific highlight from Emma Hsu on Vimeo.

Comparative Technology Midterm Report

Midterm Report

Comp Tech Work Logs Weeks 1-5


Comparative Technology Proposal



Comparative Technology Proposal 2014

Learning Reflection for marketing media and communication II



I really enjoyed doing the video assignment and get more familiar with iMovie. Throughout this assignment I found out that different version of iMove has slightly different functions and layouts, but most importantly, after this course, I want to start editing again. The second objective of my was to understand the concerns and decisions had to make when conducting a marketing plan. I learned about a couple marketing approaches and practice to utilizing them in my marketing plan assignment, it was truly helpful for me that listening to the presentations of lexicon essay from peers and gain understanding of different marketing approaches.

Other goals of my is to be able to divide the proportion of the amount of studying and be an active reader and walk out of classes with a better method to prioritize my affairs. I think I did success in the goal because compare to last term, this term I had more time to finished my readings and assignments and also had more leisure time to do extracurricular activities and my internship job. the last objective of my was plan to explore the new media that influence in art marketing, and I did find out a couple new social media mediums that I can utilize. Overall, I really enjoyed and appericated this course designed and all the knowledge from the class.

Marketing Plan


Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Presentation

video Projects

2014 fringe trailer from Emma Hsu on Vimeo.


Here is my lexicon essay for Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

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