My research interests:

I am interested in how magma is transported from Earth’s mantle to the surface, including different types of volcanic activity and the processes by which rocks of Earth’s crust form. I also investigate how structures from the mantle to the crust relate to rupture segmentation at the Cascadia megathrust. To do this I collect and analyze geophysical data. I lead research expeditions to the Cascadia margin, oceanic spreading centers, and volcanic hotspots (Galapagos and Iceland). We are currently imaging the magma plumbing pathways beneath subduction zone volcanoes (Newberry, OR, and Santorini, Greece) using dense geophysical data and inverse modeling on high performance computers.  

Ongoing projects

  • Santorini: Detailed vertical structure of a recharging crustal magma plumbing system at an arc volcano. State-of-the-art analysis and interpretation of a unique active source seismic dataset for deep structure and state of magma system.
  • Cascadia 2020: Investigating subduction zone segmentation with a 3D high-resolution Vp model. Dense onland recording of offshore deep penetration airgun shots to image the structures that relate to rupture complexity of the Cascadia megathrust.
  • Galapagos 2021: An Open Access experiment to seismically image Galapagos plume-ridge interaction. A large OBS deployment for teleseismic and ambient noise imaging of the mantle and lithosphere.


  • Subduction zone segmentation and structure
  • Volcanic plumbing and eruption.
  • Plume-Ridge interactions
  • Mid-ocean ridge crustal structure and relationship to mantle processes.
  • Development of advanced seismic methods including tomography, waveform modeling, and full waveform inversion
  • Integrating geophysical, geochemical and geodynamic observations.
  • Modeling of physical processes

Links to Research projects 

  1. Santorini magma plumbing structure (2015 PROTEUS cruise report)
  2. Newberry volcano magma system and geothermal energy
  3. Mid-ocean ridge magma and hydrothermal plumbing
  4. Galapagos crustal and mantle structure
  5. Cascadia Initiative: An onshore/offshore experiment to study megathrust earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest and also volcanic arc structure, the formation, deformation and hydration of the Juan De Fuca and Gorda plates.