By: Ellie Keeton

Laura Magpali sits in the waiting room of her practice, “A Sanctuary For Healing,” Beaming as she describes her role as a healer. Magpali has an inner peace about her that radiates through as she discusses her path towards becoming a Reiki and Bowenwork practitioner.

Magpali previously worked as a mortgage broker and was married happily for twenty years. However, she also suffered long-term pain and health issues for several years, with only one to two days per month where she wasn’t feeling sick. She was consistently on prescription medication and visited doctors and chiropractors two to three times per week with no lasting improvements. After her husband’s death, Magpali realized at age 40 that she needed to reevaluate her career path and lifestyle, starting with her physical and mental health.

Magpali’s first encounter with energy healing came after she experienced an unbearably painful herniated disk in her back. Unwilling to continue her unsuccessful routine, she got in contact with a psychic and energy healer she had met through figuring out finances in the aftermath of her husband’s death. She was astonished when she came out of one Reiki session feeling 85% better. Following that experience, Magpali felt an emotional connection with herself that she hadn’t before. She realized that she wanted to learn this practice and in turn pass the healing ability on to others as well. This eventually led her to train in several fields of alternative therapies and holistic practices including Bowenwork, Reiki therapy, therapeutic massage, and more.

When asked how her career in Reiki and Bowenwork has affected her personally, Magpali lights up saying, “It impacted me emotionally a great deal. I was able to develop tools and a relationship with myself that I didn’t have access to before. It has influenced me in how I interact with life and what I like to call the ‘unseen’.” She finds joy and pride in the fact that she has found an ability to reach people emotionally and physically through her healing practice.

Magpali’s spirit is contagious as she describes the most important goal of her practice: helping patients achieve lasting results and optimum care. The way her eyes glow when she speaks about her patient’s progress demonstrates not only the personal growth and healing that comes from her profession, but also her genuine passion for her job.