Organizational Questions

1. organization or company-background history including who, when, and why it was founded.

RDT- Repertory Dance Theatre

Utah’s Repertory Dance Theatre, founded in 1966, is a fully-professional modern dance company.  Through a cooperative effort involving the Salt Lake City community, the University of Utah and a major grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, a partnership was created to establish a company which would keep alive the artistic achievement which is American Modern Dance.

Noted educator and Children’s Dance Theatre director Virginia Tanner’s dream of establishing a professional company of dancers dedicated to the performance, creation and preservation of modern dance led to the development of RDT. A founding member, Linda C. Smith has guided the artistic mission since 1983 and kept the thread of continuity and the “dream” of Virginia Tanner alive.

2.they do or make – products and services and what makes them unique.

RDT is a dance company that is the oldest and most successful company of its kind. They are a living museum representing one hundred years of dance history, preserving the largest and most significant collection of American dance in the world. RDT acquires classic works by significant twentieth century choreographers and also commissions new works for its repertory.  RDT serves as both a museum and a contemporary gallery representing the scope and diversity of modern dance past and present.

3.culture of the organization or company. work environment; the atmosphere- the building– exterior/interior, architecture, fittings and furniture- employees; jobs and roles of individuals.

From what I know, the work environment is welcoming. The employees, both the staff and the dancers, are incredibly loyal to this company in whatever position they hold. Their staff inlcludes an artistic director, an artistic coordinator, director of development, director of public relations, director of education, booking director, bookkeeper, artistic staff and the dancers. The management treats their employees with great respect and care.

The rehearsal hall is a beautiful studio located in a contemporary performing arts center in the heart of downtown.The studio is on a different floor form the company office. Large meetings require the use of the conference room, which is shared by other performing arts groups. There is a competing Modern Dance company housed under the same roof, but located on the opposite side of the building.

4. the targeted audience? What are their demographics?

The targeted audience for RDT is the public of Salt Lake City and the cities in which they tour. SLC is a city with a large dance audience and interest, specifically in Modern Dance. RDT is also rooted in dance education outreach through the state. The company targets to all ages because of the rich legacy and the ongoing student population they generate through their outreach. They also have a community dance program that targets all ages and abilities.

5. the organization or company mission statement?

Repertory Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation, performance, perpetuation, and appreciation of modern dance.

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