Maadaga Archaeological Survey

Tapoa Province, Burkina Faso

Project Zooarchaeologist, 2006-present

Located adjacent to the Gobnangou Escarpment in southeastern Burkina Faso, this research project explores changes and continuities in landscape use over the past 2000 years. In addition to participating in two seasons of fieldwork (2004, 2006), I collaborate as the project zooarchaeologist and have worked with fauna from three excavated Iron Age sites.

This project is in collaboration with Project Director Dr. Daphne Gallagher (University of Oregon).

Relevant Publications:

Dueppen, Stephen and Daphne Gallagher
2013       Adopting Agriculture in the West African Savanna: Exploring Socio-Economic
               Choices in First Millennium CE Southeastern Burkina Faso. Journal of Anthropological
32: 433-448.