Before departure, I have heard its amazing skyscrapers, high-density population and collision and amalgamation between different cultures in Hong Kong. However, when I actually standing in CBD of Central and Kowloon, sitting on front row of mini bus, closing to the Victoria harbor, I truly feel the impact comes from the word “ Hong Kong’’. Studying in Hong Kong is a wonderful experience.IMG_0687

I think in this short program, the challenge for me I think is how to control the time. As an architecture student, I prefer to design things logically. However, it is hard to present the whole thinking process in a small readable panel. Thus after the review of the first assignment, I learnt how todo less but effectively in limited time. Thanks for the video presentation, it becomes easy to show our site conditions and strong contrast around the Kat Hing Wai. Moreover It is luck to work with talented HKU students who come from various backgrounds. Using the story to show our site conditions also come from a smart girl who does not have too much landscape and architecture background. We believe the group talents all the time and this help us overcome difficult.

Through the past two weeks, I can feel a lot of pressure of people who live in Hong Kong. See all kinds of workers in MTR, people walk hurriedly on the street, and the limited living conditions. Hong Kong is a place where dreams could come true, thus I think, it is the reason that so many young people even come from all over the world are willing to fight in this battle.

One thing also shock me is that the strategy of developing Hong Kong. It is unbelievable that with such a high density in Kowloon and Central, more than 70% of land has not been developed in Hong Kong. It is truly a treasure for the offspring, and leave huge potential for future planning. Comparing with some megalopolis in Mainland China, overdevelopment has already brought some environment problems. Thus I have strong feeling that sustainable policy is the key of development of city and country. HongKong is a good case to study, and I still need more research about its whole system and policies. I think it will help a lot for my career.IMG_0335

UO Alumni dinner is a great opportunity to know many architects who are working inHong Kong. It is so exciting to listen to their stories and projects which is a huge encouragement for me to work here one day.

I wish the program could be longer.


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