Convert WordPerfect Drawing .wpg files to Adobe Illustrator files .eps

We have a dozen years worth of WordPerfect Drawing (.wpg) files and we’d like to get those into a mainstream format such as Adobe Illustrator (.eps or .ai) files.

I found a post that outlined a simple but labor intensive way to do it:

  1. Open the WordPerfect drawing and save it as a pdf.
  2. Open the pdf in Illustrator and extract the image
  3. Save the image as a new file

I also found a conversion program that can do it.
Image Converter Plus: The GUI version is $49 ( with a discount for Higher Ed.
It comes with a command line version as well (
Both can be used for free but a giant watermark is added to the file.
Both versions can batch and convert entire folders as well.

I’m inclined to try the command line.
Theoretically this code would convert all the .wpg files in a network folder (and subfolders) to .eps files and drop them into a new folder called ‘converted’.

ICPCL.exe -convertto eps thumbnail:Yes -source "share$myfolderimages*.wpg" -dest "share$myfolderimagesconverted" -save_opt convert_subfolders:yes restore_subfolders:yes

It may be nice to keep the files in their respective folders.
We’ll see how it goes with a couple of test runs.