University of Oregon

Added jQuery browser check for ODT and Skillport eLearning

I noticed a mac user getting frustrated when trying to log in to the eLearning site the other day.
The log in process was hung up on the loading screen for a few minutes:

I pointed out that it said ‘click here’ if it doesn’t load after 40 seconds but I realize that’s not very helpful.
It turns out they were using Firefox, which isn’t one of the supported browsers.

We do have the browser compatibility information on the page but that content is collapsed. So the user would have to look for it.
So I decided to add some browser compatibility tests and display a message to mac / firefox users to save them some trouble.

Updated Skillport Course Catalog Link Script

Skillport hosts the course catalog on their community site. Which is a restricted site. Only clients have access to that site.
I’ve been using a script to use my authentication to capture the pdf of the course catalog, but they’ve been changing the link for the catalog and I’ve had to make some updates over time. Recently they did a site redesign and now the pdf isn’t accessible via my former efforts so I rewrote my script.
It’s working but it occurred to me that they don’t want their competitors seeing this catalog. So I revised this to work for authenticated users only. That was accomplished by surrounding the link and information with this: .
I won’t post the code here for the same reason.