Drush enable all inactive modules

I’ve been using make files a lot lately and when ever I’m ready to release an updated file I like to verify that all the project versions are up to date.
To leverage Drupal’s update functionality each project needs to be enabled. So I typically generate a new site from the make file and enable all the projects with drush. The key to that is the combination of commands:

drush en `drush pm-list --status="disabled,not installed" --pipe`

Here I’m enabling a list of module; specifically drush’s list of disabled and not installed modules.

drush pm-list --status="disabled,not installed"

That code gets you part of the way there. The addition of this:


makes it a script-able list. Then when I surround that with back-ticks and feed it to

drush en `...`

I’m in business. (more…)