Drupal & shell bookmarklet for updating modules 5 (updated – mulitple dbs, backup only option)

*Note: This is a follow up to the posts:

First off: here is the bookmarklet:
This first one is bare-bones; you get prompted for every var:
Install Mods Prompt

This next one needs to be customized to contain your directory and server data but then you don’t have to answer questions every time:
Install mods mysite
You can use http://subsimple.com/bookmarklets/jsbuilder.htm to edit the bookmarklet and set the defaults before saving it.

Now for the details:
I’ve refined the module install bookmarklets once again.
As with the previous versions: click the bookmarklet on a Drupal project page, pick the module and get the ssh script to install it.
Click the bookmarklet on your admin/reports/updates and get the code to install all the recommended updates.
This is tailored to work on our server and doesn’t work on our shell environment. Although it could with some modifications.
At this point you need to cut and paste the file and database backup lines independently because they each require passwords.
I’ll work towards a version that allows a single cut and paste.