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drupal- add prefixes to your tables

I wanted to add an existing drupal site to a shared code base, but as it turns out I forgot to prefix the tables with a unique identifier. This may not be necessary since the databases will be separate, but it will be easier to troubleshot errors if I can discern which database I’m using at a glance. So here’s what I did:

What version of mySQL are you using?

This bit of code will tell you what version of mySQL you are using:

mysql -u username

Add -p if your account is password protected *(it should be)

mysql -u username -p


Navicat Woes…

In trying to import excel data and create new table I’ve learned several things.

The Navicat-lite version wont import.
The Navicat premium version on MAC wont successfully import xls and has no xlsx option.
The Navicat for MySQL – PC version failed on xlsx but worked with xls.
So that’s more info than I wanted to know but now I won’t have to learn that lesson again.

Enable your shell account on

I stumbled onto these articles and I found out that we have access to a shell account on campus.

You can log in to your duck id page and enable or disable the account.
When it’s enabled you can ssh to your account or sftp (port 22) into your folder.
Each user’s folder is their username/duckid name and the url is
For more info go here: