University of Oregon

Drupal 6 – Pre-Popluate Menu Parents with jQuery

Here’s a fun one.
I wanted the menu parent to be pre-populated on node creation.

Use case:

  • When a content editor creates a new ‘Electronic Flyer’ it will be added to the per-determined menu: Primary Links >> Resources >> Electronic Flyers.

Here’s a screenshot demonstrating the pre-filled out menu parent: (more…)

dhtml-menu functionality w/o the menu module

So why would you want to take advantage of dhtml-menu functionality w/o using the built in Drupal menu module?
In this case we want to use the nested menus style for the content while employing consistent show-hide functionality. Here’s the catch: The content isn’t a list of links it’s paragraphs where each section heading collapses and expands the sub-content. (more…)