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CheckBoxMate for Firefox 3.6+ with GreaseMonkey

Nargas, wrote this morning;

I recall a while back you used a firefox add-on which allowed you to select a region where check boxes could be un-checked.

That tool would come in handy for me too!

I know right?!
I’ve been lamenting it since the firefox upgrade to 3.6; which disabled the add-on.
However, yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore so it went looking at the developer site again to see if anything had been done about it and lo-and behold someone posted an easy solution.
GreaseMonkey and a new checkbox mate script. Hooray!

It works like a charm too. Click and hold in the one of the checkboxes and proceed to highlight the rest. Release the mouse button and you’ve got “select and check” or “select and uncheck” as the case may be. Everything switches to the alternate state (checked/unchecked).
I love it!

Greasemonkey for FireFox

CheckBoxMate for Greasemonkey

Mac OSX and Firefox contextual menu (aka 'right click' menu) from the keyboard

I’ve been hoping for a ‘right click’ key shortcut on the mac for years.
PC’s have that functionality built in and it’s aggravating to have to pick up the mouse just to take advantage of a spell check suggestion. Alack! Some features seem to exist only in the contextual menu; their menu bar equivalent buried 12 levels deep, and then nested in the 4th tab of a preferences menu.
Mice have their place but efficiency triumphs if you can keep your fingers on the keyboard.
I still shudder at the lack of keyboard shortcuts for the menu bar. Granted, mac users have Ctrl+F2 but that highlights the apple menu and take for example Alt+T, Ctrl+F2 requires a number of ‘arrows’ to get to the Tools menu. Tolerable but inadequate.

Well happy days, I just stumbled upon the contextual menu keyboard shortcut in Firefox: Ctrl+Space. Lovely! I’ve used it six times already to correct misspellings (seven times [two s’s in misspellings]) in this post.

On a hunch, I just checked the about:config page and typed in context. Sure enough there is now an entry for dom.event.contextmenu.enabled which defaults to true.

Hooray Firefox!

Thanks for looking out my carpal tunnels!

Spellcheck the whole page in FireFox

I just added this bookmarklet to my bookmarks tool bar:
Spell check