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Mailman as a bulk mailer – imported member managment tips

I have 20000 email subscribers for two email lists (cjobs and ucjobs). These were all imported into our new Mailman service.
I had a few settings I needed to change to accommodate using Mailman as a bulk mailer. And it’s going pretty well.
First there were normal things like pre-pending the default email subject, updating the list name and bounce protocols, making sure no-one can post to the list except the one authorized user (bulk moderate every user).
That was easy.

But then there’s a default setting where any list member can view all the other members of the list… not good.
First I updated the html docs, removing the relevant info.
Then I needed update all the users; but there’s no bulk operation for that.
Instead there’s a Member Mgmt screen with columns of check boxes. CheckBoxMate to the rescue…
Almost; Mailman displays a max of 30 members at a time… (20000 / 30 = ouch), that’s a lot of clicking and dragging. (more…)

CheckBoxMate for Firefox 3.6+ with GreaseMonkey

Nargas, wrote this morning;

I recall a while back you used a firefox add-on which allowed you to select a region where check boxes could be un-checked.

That tool would come in handy for me too!

I know right?!
I’ve been lamenting it since the firefox upgrade to 3.6; which disabled the add-on.
However, yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore so it went looking at the developer site again to see if anything had been done about it and lo-and behold someone posted an easy solution.
GreaseMonkey and a new checkbox mate script. Hooray!

It works like a charm too. Click and hold in the one of the checkboxes and proceed to highlight the rest. Release the mouse button and you’ve got “select and check” or “select and uncheck” as the case may be. Everything switches to the alternate state (checked/unchecked).
I love it!

Greasemonkey for FireFox

CheckBoxMate for Greasemonkey

Check selected / all boxes bookmarklet

Here’s a time saver:
Check selected / all boxes
One click and you can check or uncheck all the checkboxes on the page. That is unless you have a selection of checkboxes highlighted; then it only operates on your selection. It works across frames too.

It’s based on the check all boxes bookmarklet which is a number of years old now. I’ve never needed to restrict my checking to a selection until today when setting permissions in drupal.