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WP Dynamic StyleSheet Switcher – stage 1

I’ve done a quick mod to my stylesheet to enable me to turn on and off css enhancements.

The concept is based on the idea that you can create your own theme by extending another theme and adding your stylesheet changes to a style.css file in the new theme folder.

The concept in action:
In the themes folder I now have a folder for my base theme: grassland and my modified theme: vGrassland. No changes have been made to grassland but in the vGrassland folder there only needs to be one file: style.css.

That stylesheet must contain all the necessary info to define the theme (Theme Name, URI, Desc. Version…) but the essential one is TEMPLATE: grassland.
Then the magic happens.

For me I wanted to use my modified theme but I’d grown attached to the original so changing back and forth would be fun.

So here’s the low down.
Point the styles to a dynamic page: style.php and in that page show or hide the style enhancements.

Here are the contents of both files. (more…)

Export Excel

I was talking with Stephen about a project that requires an excel export and I remembered that Michelle from Student Affairs implemented a fix for their Duck Tracks application.
I sent her an email and here’s some of the great content of her response:

Check multiple exchange email accounts

I kept running into trouble when trying to add a second Exchange account to Outlook but Tim M. to the rescue.

Here are his instructions for another email account on the same exchange server:

Configure Outlook to display that inbox all the time, in Outlook 2007 it’s Tools -> Account Settings -> Microsoft Exchange Server -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced -> Add -> new_account_name. OK OK OK OK OK OK and maybe OK.

Whee hew! Worked like a charm.

Note: this is only for reading emails from another account not creating a separate inbox or sending accounts.

Protected: Connecting to the shared drives from home

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Bookmarklet for VPFA-Help

Here’s a bookmarklet that you can use to make help requests easier.
Drag this link into your bookmark toolbar and click it when you need help:

Print to PDF

Here’s the PDF printer that I use when I’m on PC: PDF Creator Version .96. It’s open source and let’s you combine multiple documents into pdf’s as well. (more…)

Enable your shell account on

I stumbled onto these articles and I found out that we have access to a shell account on campus.

You can log in to your duck id page and enable or disable the account.
When it’s enabled you can ssh to your account or sftp (port 22) into your folder.
Each user’s folder is their username/duckid name and the url is
For more info go here:

Step-by-step: Add dhtml menu items in Drupal

We use the dhtml menu module in Drupal and luckily Nargas walked me through the step-by-step for adding menu items. (more…)

Using php in phpBB3 Templates

I needed to add some actual php to the footer of the new phpBB3 site I created…

There are two steps required.

  1. Enable php in your templates
  2. To enable php go to the General tab in the Admin Control Panel
  3. Click Security Settings
  4. Set Allow php in templates: to yes
    1. Wrap your php in comment tags <!– PHP –> <!– ENDPHP –> and not <?php ?> tags.
    2. Go to the Styles tab
    3. Choose Templates from the left menu
    4. Edit the desired template
      1. i.    Choose the file you want to edit.
      2. ii.    Add your php like so:
  • Copyright &copy; <!-- PHP -->echo date("Y")." ";<!-- ENDPHP -->University of Oregon. All rights reserved.