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Bookmarklet for HRWeb Help

Here’s a bookmarklet that you can use to make your HR help requests easier.
Drag this link into your bookmark toolbar and click it when you need help:
HR Web Help

Banner Test

I’ve started a forum for Banner Test issues and work-arounds here:

Protected: Google Cal API Process

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Navicat Woes…

In trying to import excel data and create new table I’ve learned several things.

The Navicat-lite version wont import.
The Navicat premium version on MAC wont successfully import xls and has no xlsx option.
The Navicat for MySQL – PC version failed on xlsx but worked with xls.
So that’s more info than I wanted to know but now I won’t have to learn that lesson again.

Protected: Prof Devel Logo and Name options

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WP Dynamic StyleSheet Switcher – stage 2

I added a background image array and integrated it with the rand() function.
Images from the free image section of and iStockPhoto.

I also changed the html background color back to brown but the body’s is now the blue with a min-height:100% on the body and Layer1 so the image stick to the bottom of the screen not the bottom of the post. Then the brown earth color continues below that.

Add a button to your wyswyg html bar in WP

NOTE: this post has a follow up here:

I wanted to accommodate a new plugin I installed for highlighting code: Ion Syntax Highlighter. I was surprised that it didn’t append my quicktags button bar in the wyswyg edtitor.
I couldn’t remember the syntax either and I wanted to be able to use my button! I expected the behavior of the code button to change after I installed but not so. I did a quick search in the source and found that I needed to look for quicktags. I found what I needed here “blog/wp-includes/js/quicktags.js”

I duplicated the existing “code” code and and replaced instances of “code” with “code2”.

For example a search in the source of quicktags.js revealed this: (more…)

Auto mount a shared drive on startup

automount smb at startup. It doesn’t really get any more simple than mounting your smb once, then dragging the icon AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTED DRIVES WINDOW into the Login Items PrefPane. It seems to require the icon at the top of the mounted drives icon as opposed to the icon off the desktop, etc. Seems like the only way that you can actually capture the login info so you don’t have to enter it each time is using that icon.

Courtesey of this post on

On-line meeting tools

Here’s the start of a list of on-line meeting tools.
Better placed in a wiki / forum perhaps but I haven’t set one up yet.

Open Source BI

I’ve heard a bit of talk lately about the need for a Business Intelligence system on campus, so when I saw on the Parallels home page to a virtual machine with a Data Warehouse BI App installed it caught my eye: Pentaho BI Ubuntu 01/01/00. I took a look at the Pentaho home page and found this link: infobright_and_pentaho_deliver_virtual_machine, a press release about infoBright and pentaho joining forces for this effort and a link to register/download ( The screenshots look promising. The initial Pentaho BI link was for Parallels but this one is for VM Ware so I tried the parallels transporter but it didn’t take so I’ll try the VMWare trail.