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Screen Sharing in OSX VNC/Remote Desktop

VNC is native to OSX 10.5+ you just have to enable it.

Here are two great articles on the topic:
Fast Screen Sharing with Quicksilver
MacFixit Tutorial: Screen Sharing in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5): How it works and how it doesn’t

My favorite part of the MacFixit article: (more…)

Protected: Changing file names on the server (step by step)

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Redux: Add a button to your wyswyg html bar in WP -Code2

As a follow up to Add a button to your wyswyg html bar in WP. I wanted to create a code button that prompts me for the code language. And if there’s none then use the simple tag.

So back to blog/wp-includes/js/quicktags.js. This time I needed to do more than add a simple button.
After a few attempts to do this from scratch I realized that I needed a function similar to the add link function that the link button uses. (more…)

What version of mySQL are you using?

This bit of code will tell you what version of mySQL you are using:

mysql -u username

Add -p if your account is password protected *(it should be)

mysql -u username -p


dhtml-menu functionality w/o the menu module

So why would you want to take advantage of dhtml-menu functionality w/o using the built in Drupal menu module?
In this case we want to use the nested menus style for the content while employing consistent show-hide functionality. Here’s the catch: The content isn’t a list of links it’s paragraphs where each section heading collapses and expands the sub-content. (more…)

Proofpoint – spam filter

Information Services has rolled out their new spam filter: Proofpoint.  I think they’ll be sending out some information about it. But in the meanwhile a few of you have asked me what the strange emails are so I wanted to share what I learned at the Dept. Comp. meeting last Tuesday. [edit date=8-25-09]IS sent out an email via the HR dist. list on Aug 12 with info about this system (see below for that email) – Thanks to Kara for pointing that out. [/edit]


Stock photo links

Here are a few of the stock photo sites that I use:
iStockPhoto (Here’s the list of their free images, vectors and video)
BigStockPhoto(Free photos)
ShutterStock ($$$ Their current terms of service are a minimum of $275 for 2 months)

You can create an account and save images to a lightbox, which is great for building categories of images and sharing groups of photos with people.

cfsavecontent cross platform: Here_document

I’d forgotten all about EOF in php and I was looking for an alternative to ob_start tags.
Thanks to Stephen I’m back on track. (more…)

Spellcheck the whole page in FireFox

I just added this bookmarklet to my bookmarks tool bar:
Spell check

Disable auto login for Spark

If you need to logout or try another account in spark you may have some trouble if you’ve enabled auto-login. (more…)