University of Oregon

HR Migration Complete!

Congratulations everyone! We have achieved 100% completion. 231 nodes have been updated and their contents confirmed!

Screen shot

Great job everyone!

Next step:

  1. Verifying the status of the links on our site.
  2. Make design adjustments for each section
  3. Launch the site!

Added a new tool for selecting taxonomy terms

I added a new tool to aid in selecting taxonomy terms.
It appears as a link in a block positioned in the right side bar on edit pages.

Screen shot

A new option is available in the right sidebar: "Suggest keywords" containing one link: Highlight Terms.

Upon clicking the Highlight terms link a script searches the body of the node and does two things:

  1. Highlight taxonomy terms found in the body

HR Site Migration Step by Step: Content Update

The following is a step by step guide for updating content on the new HR web site.


The two main tasks for this first round of updates are:

*Useful definitions

Taxonomy term
Keywords and/or phrases used to describe and categorize a subject. In our case we will use taxonomy to describe Constituent Groups, Relevant Departments/Categories and the Topic of each node.
A single piece of content that is published on a Drupal site. Examples: a blog post, forum topic, single image.