University of Oregon

Added a cache-control header to the fmla database

The FMLA database front end wasn’t displaying the most recent participants when selecting letters. So I added some cache-control code to the header.

This tries to force the browser to reload the page every time, by passing the cache.
This only became a problem recently and it may be related to the latest firefox update.

Added a new admin block: Nodes that link to this page

I created a new admin block: “Nodes that link to this page.”
It checks the LinkChecker table in the database for any links on the site to the current page URL and lists those on the right.
Screen shot

Quick update: Disabled the devel module

We’re out of testing mode so I disabled the devel module.
Let me know if notice the site misbehaving.

Updated Skillport Course Catalog Link Script

Skillport hosts the course catalog on their community site. Which is a restricted site. Only clients have access to that site.
I’ve been using a script to use my authentication to capture the pdf of the course catalog, but they’ve been changing the link for the catalog and I’ve had to make some updates over time. Recently they did a site redesign and now the pdf isn’t accessible via my former efforts so I rewrote my script.
It’s working but it occurred to me that they don’t want their competitors seeing this catalog. So I revised this to work for authenticated users only. That was accomplished by surrounding the link and information with this: .
I won’t post the code here for the same reason.

Moved Content Highlight Up Above Links

I moved the content highlight section up above the nav links and administrative content.
I had to do this with javascript/jquery so it’s an enhancement for those with javascript enabled but I think it’s nice to keep the content together. (more…)

Updated Links content type to use fully qualified links to admin user

I updated the Links content type to use fully qualified links to admin users.
The links content type allows us to embed links as nodes in our site structure. Which means a link can be an entry in a book or menu.
This is particularly useful when we want to link to an internal page with out duplicating the content.
A good example would be on the new Employee Relations page; we have included a link to FMLA under the General Information menu.

Screen shot

Employee Relations Menu View

That FMLA link (/links/family-medical-leave-act-fmla-0) exists in a dynamically generated and themed book menu and the node itself is a Link content type. The node contains the Link Title, Link URL for the FMLA page (/content/family-medical-leave-act-fmla-0).

Regular users are redirected immediately to the fmla page but administrators are given a preview of the link. (more…)

Site Migration Report Header updated

I updated the Site Migration Report Header to include a filter for each relevant book;

Benefits, Classification & Compensation, Employee & Labor Relations, OA Employment, Policies & Leaves, Records & Data Management, Recruitment & Employment, Work-Life Resources.

Plus an option to view all the categories.
Here’s a screen shot:

Site Migration report header

Site Migration report header

Updated Site Migration Overview Report

I updated the the Site Migration Page List Report today, refining it to include only those nodes that can accept a ‘migration link’ URL. This excludes the “Link” node type which wouldn’t have an ‘old site’ equivalent. Our report looks much more manageable now!

Old Report overview screen shot


New Report overview screen shot

Changed mailto recipient on CSTDAC crontab

I updated the scheduled jobs (crontab) for CSTDAC this morning. It now email’s me if we have a failure.

By default error messages are emailed to the root user but using the “MAILTO” variable on the first line of crontab alters that:

Migrated OHMAC to odt/ohmac

I migrated the three ohmac pages (main, faq and forms) to ODT and redirected all traffic from the shell account to the ODT site.
Old URL:
New URL:

Backend info:
The new odt pages are Drupal books. I nested them and relinked them to each other. I also set all the external links to open in new windows.

Enabled php on shell by adding php.cgi and adding this to the .htaccess page:

RemoveHandler .php
AddType application/my-httpd-php .php
Action application/my-httpd-php /~ohmac/php.cgi

# redir ohmac to odt/ohmac
RewriteEngine ON
  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ohmac$ [NC]
  RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [R=301]

  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC]
  RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [R=301]