University of Oregon

Added new styles to node titles and background image

I updated the styles on the hr site today. Removing the box around the page title and lightening the background image.

Screen shot before new styles
Screen shot after new styles

Updated administration theme

I updated the Admin theme so things will look a little different now.
The old theme has some conflicts in the code that is causing drupal to erase any former page urls… this is a bad thing. Changing the theme fixes that problem, while I’m testing for the cause.

OUS updates site and broken links

We’ve come across a few broken OUS site links recently and I wanted to pass on a fix.

Here’s an example:
The IT Performance Appraisal Instructions were formerly at:

That link no longer works you can still find the file at their old site located at:

You’ll notice that they replaced the ‘www’ with ‘former’ for their old site.

I ran a report to find any more broken OUS links on our site and found 10 more.
Other departments may encounter the same issue, so feel free to pass this on.

Added a cache-control header to the fmla database

The FMLA database front end wasn’t displaying the most recent participants when selecting letters. So I added some cache-control code to the header.

This tries to force the browser to reload the page every time, by passing the cache.
This only became a problem recently and it may be related to the latest firefox update.