University of Oregon

Quick update: Disabled the devel module

We’re out of testing mode so I disabled the devel module.
Let me know if notice the site misbehaving.

Changed mailto recipient on CSTDAC crontab

I updated the scheduled jobs (crontab) for CSTDAC this morning. It now email’s me if we have a failure.

By default error messages are emailed to the root user but using the “MAILTO” variable on the first line of crontab alters that:

What is the change log

This is a means of documenting site updates and sharing them with all the site administrators.

Back end description, in short:
I post here, taking care to choose the nested categories:

Screen shot

The nested heirarchy of category tags that allows me to customize what updates will be visible on what web site.

Next I create a block in the drupal site that aggregates the rss feed from this category and displays it for administrators.

Screen shot

Here's an example of an included rss feed on the drupal web site

This way the users are kept up-to speed on site updates, changes and modifications.