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Add a header row to mySQL query results

Last year I posted about adding an empty row to Oracle / Data Warehouse query results. Today I wanted to do something similar with mySQL.
I wanted to include the column names in my query output so I can export to excel without any extra effort.
So here’s an example. (more…)

phpMyAdmin replacement: Navicat

I had used phpMyAdmin in the past but I know it makes some folks on campus nervous so I started using Navicat on their recommendation.
There’s a free version for education; Navicat Lite:

I use it for data warehouse and mysql.
It runs on win/mac/linux.
You can manage users and permission as well as save edit and queries.
The full (paid) version included reports, backups and scheduling as well as a query builder but if you don’t need those the lite version is great.

What version of mySQL are you using?

This bit of code will tell you what version of mySQL you are using:

mysql -u username

Add -p if your account is password protected *(it should be)

mysql -u username -p