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Finding duplicates in excel

I needed to dig up an example of how to ferret out duplicates in excel. Well I couldn’t find a good one so I made a new one.
Row 2:

=IF(COUNTIF(D$2:D$8,C3)>=1,"DUP! "&C3,"OK")
DUP! jon


Banner Test

I’ve started a forum for Banner Test issues and work-arounds here:

Auto mount a shared drive on startup

automount smb at startup. It doesn’t really get any more simple than mounting your smb once, then dragging the icon AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTED DRIVES WINDOW into the Login Items PrefPane. It seems to require the icon at the top of the mounted drives icon as opposed to the icon off the desktop, etc. Seems like the only way that you can actually capture the login info so you don’t have to enter it each time is using that icon.

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Export Excel

I was talking with Stephen about a project that requires an excel export and I remembered that Michelle from Student Affairs implemented a fix for their Duck Tracks application.
I sent her an email and here’s some of the great content of her response:

Protected: Connecting to the shared drives from home

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Print to PDF

Here’s the PDF printer that I use when I’m on PC: PDF Creator Version .96. It’s open source and let’s you combine multiple documents into pdf’s as well. (more…)