University of Oregon

Create a hyperlink in InDesign that doesn't add a box around the text in a pdf

To create a hyperlink in InDesign that doesn’t creating a box around the text:

  1. Open the hyperlink panel
  2. Select all your links
  3. Open the options menu (in the upper right hand corner of the panel
  4. Choose Hyperlink Options
  5. Change the visible box to invisible box

Now when you create a pdf your links will be clean.

Stock photo links

Here are a few of the stock photo sites that I use:
iStockPhoto (Here’s the list of their free images, vectors and video)
BigStockPhoto(Free photos)
ShutterStock ($$$ Their current terms of service are a minimum of $275 for 2 months)

You can create an account and save images to a lightbox, which is great for building categories of images and sharing groups of photos with people.