Syntaxhighlighter with activeCollab documentation

I posted some documentation for a free aC module today: Syntaxhighlighter with AC.

I pulled it together from the forum posts.
Here’s the content of the file:
=                     About this module                =

1.5 Beta

This module utilizes SyntaxHighlighter v.2.1.364 to highlight code snippets. It is 100% Java Script based. The script is triggered when it encounters code a [syh:lang] tag. e.g. [syh:php]<?php … ?>[/syh].

Module page:

MarkA –

Co-author / Maintainer:
Panagiotis K. –

mvas –
Leon P. –

Module will remain free for everyone and at least not by me, there isn’t any plan at all to make it commercial!
SyntaxHighlighter is donationware. If you are using it, please donate:

First thanks goes to MarkA who gave the birth
Second thanks go to mvas who packed it to a module
Then a raise it a little bit…
Forth thanks goes to Leon who provided very nice icons!!!
And of course a thanks for the people who had issues with that module and made us debug it to finally make it work well!!!
SyntaxHighlighter js author: Alex Gorbatchev

=                     Installation                =

Installation instructions:

In order to install the Syntax Highlight module and run it successfully you need to follow the following instructions.
Step 1. Unzip the Syntax Highlighter zip file.

Step 2. Copy the syntaxhighlight folder to activecollab >> application >> modules in your site. We have placed it in the similar structure for your better understanding.

Step 3. That’s all login in your system and you will find the new Module ready to be installed

Step 4. After installation, please go to main administration page and click on the toggle nested items icon and enable it.

After installation you will be able to use [syh:lang] tag in your text area input fields.

=                     Usage                =

Usage notes:

1) [syh] does not work, open tags must provide the highlight language, for example [syh:php]

2) Opening tags must be inside a pre-formatted tag (See “Screen Shot #1”)

3) No close tag needed since the open tag is inside a <pre> tag. Even simpler! ;)

4) multiple instances supported now, each instance must be on its own pre-formatted tag (See “Screen Shot #2”)

5) Inside the pre tag you must use shift + enter for new lines

6) tab spaces are now supported and also available on re-editing

7) Use “Clean text and paste” button to paste into the pre tag code from clipboard, DO NOT PASTE IT DIRECTLY INSIDE THE PRE TAG.

8) There is no button in the wysiwyg editor. You have to hand-type the syh tag

Script tested with PHP code only. Works everywhere (pages, discussions, tickets etc) Works great with default theme and also works with Access theme, one issue in Access theme is the height of the lines of the highlighted code when they are in comments.

[syh:php]<?php … ?>[/syh]
The above code produces this:

Supported languages:
1) AS3
2) Bash
3) ColdFusion
4) Cpp
5) CSharp
6) Css
7) Delphi
8) Diff
9) Erlang
10) Groovy
11) Java
12) JavaFX
13) JScript
14) Perl
15) Php
16) Plain
All other extensions
17) PowerShell
18) Python
19) Ruby
20) Scala
21) Sql
22) Vb
23) Xml

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