Summer Camp 2010 Archive

I’m trying to figure out the best way to archive content on the HR Summer Camps site.

Right now we have 2 main content types: Agencies and Camp Information. Each Agency can have multiple Camps and we have a required Parent Agency field in the camp to maintain the relationship.
So, we’re going to ask all of our existing agencies (44) to update their camp information (162 camps) next week so we can go live in April.
1.    Keep the 2010 info. untouched
2.    Require that all records are updated prior to inclusion in 2011 camps
3.    Create a reusable or automated solution for future seasons

The general public doesn’t need to see the past year info. So this is just an administrative record.
We’re currently using triggers, moderation and revisions. I also have Node Clone and Views Bulk Operations installed.

So here are a few of the scenarios I’m considering:
1.    Clone and move the copy
-a.    Using Views Bulk Operations
–i.    Clone all camp information nodes (just found a patch to include node clone in VBO:
–ii.    Change the author of the cloned nodes to Administrator (so only I can make edits).
–iii.    Prepend the path of cloned nodes to archive/2010
-b.    Create a new view block that looks for archived versions to display under agencies
-c.    Un-publish and revert moderation back to ‘pending’ on the live camps so they must be updated before being visible.

This meets goals 1 and 2 but doesn’t take care of automation but it could be repeatable if everything works.

2.    Un-publish and use revisions
-a.    Print a PDF of all the current agencies and camps on the site.
-b.    Un-publish live camp listings
-c.    Revert moderation back to ‘pending’ so they must be updated before being visible again
-d.    Rely on the revision history for an administrative record of 2010 info

This meets goals 1, 2 and could potentially be a scheduled task to turn camps off in March each year and it’s much simpler.

3.    Clone / Convert old camps to new content type
-a.    Export/import the Camp Info. content type for a 2010 version
-b.    Clone camps
-c.    Install and use node convert to convert cloned camps to new content type (we would lose location and maybe a few other fields, but it’s an archive).
-d.    Add a few new fields to the current content type: New type of Age and Grade Ranges, Enrollment Status.

This meets goals 1, 2 and may be repeatable.

I think that Option 2 is the winner.

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