Print to PDF

Here’s the PDF printer that I use when I’m on PC: PDF Creator Version .96. It’s open source and let’s you combine multiple documents into pdf’s as well.
On the Mac the built in PDF printer does fine and I have Acrobat Pro which replaces that when I need higher level pdf functions: reduce files or save for specific version compatibility.

AAEO is reevaluating their record keeping procedures and moving to paperless processes where ever possible.
Already we’ve created a forum for compensation review that will allow sharing and collaboration online for hundreds of documents that would otherwise have been printed for each committee member.
Right now we are preparing to keep digital records of applicant data cards for compliance vs. continuing to stockpile the paper files as they’ve traditionally done.
Ideally we would get into a the Singularity system, generating digital versions of these cards and adding the index of the file to the database that stores the data.

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