Enable your shell account on uoregon.edu

I stumbled onto these articles and I found out that we have access to a shell account on campus.

You can log in to your duck id page and enable or disable the account.
When it’s enabled you can ssh to your account or sftp (port 22) into your folder.
Each user’s folder is their username/duckid name and the url is uoregon.edu/~yourname.
For more info go here: cc.uoregon.edu/cnews/fall2005/ssh_uoregon.htm

Here are other helpful articles that I found:
Enabling php on shell:
Installing WordPress on shell:
mySQL info from the computing center (currently version 4.1.20):

You even have access to a super computing cluster: http://acad-cl0.uoregon.edu/

I made good use of all this great info and followed the WordPress instructions as a guideline to install phpBB3 as well.

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