PDX Fabrication Lab Equipment

All patrons must first complete the basic safety orientation before working in the facility. For more information please see the Access page.

The equipment and facilities are a shared resource, and it is important that patrons perform activities with others in mind. Staff members are available to assist with recommending tools and processes for completing your project. Please seek their expertise especially if you are trying to use a tool or process that you are unfamiliar with.

The following tools and spaces are available for use.

Woodshop | Spray Booth | Fabrication Lab | Laser Cutting | 3D Printing | CNC Cutting


During operating hours, the woodshop is accessible without appointment. Patrons must complete the basic safety orientation before working in the facility. A variety of hand and power tools are available to use within the facility, but patrons must supply their own consumables (e.g. materials, fasteners, adhesives, tape, sanding paper, etc.) All materials being processed should be approved by staff members for safety concerns. Please clean up after yourself and never store projects in the shop. Equipment is not available to be checked out and may only be used within the shop.

Spray Booth

The spray booth is located near the entrance to the woodshop and remains accessible at all hours. Please use this facility to spray adhesives and paints, or for using solvents or materials that off-gas noxious fumes. All materials and spray work must be contained within the hooded bench-top. Do not over-spray or use drying carts for spraying. Be sure to turn on the lights and exhaust fan and completely close the door before spraying. You may move your items to the drying carts underneath the bench-top for curing. When you leave, make sure you turn off the lights and exhaust fan.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab is available during operating hours only by appointment. The facility supports two laser cutters, a 3D printer, and two CNC cutters. Patrons who have been verified to safely operate equipment may reserve timeslots using the appointment calendar. During finals this reservation policy is highly enforced. Before making a reservation, please have your files prepared and your materials ready for processing. Please consult equipment protocols for preparing files and researching material and process safety concerns. Operation fees listed can only be paid using Duck Bucks (Campus Cash).

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Laser Cutting

Universal ILS 9.150D
100 watts
Universal VLS 4.60
50 watts

The laser cutters may be used by appointment only. You must be logged in to your Google Calendar account to view available reservation slots. Please have your files prepped and saved to Mac-PC Exchange and your materials cut to size before your appointment.

Laser Cutting Protocol

3D Printing

Dimension 1200ES SST
ABS plastic (natural)
10”x10”x12” max dimensions

Reservations are for receiving assistance with .stl file analysis, prep, and 3D printing. Please verify your project with a lab technician.

3D Printing Protocol

CNC Cutting

Roland MDX-540
14”x14”x5” (9”x6”d.) travel dimensions
ShopBot BT48
48”x96”x5” travel dimensions

All projects must be approved by the Fab Lab Manager before making a reservation to cut. For assistance with CAM operations, please consult the video tutorials on using RhinoCAM 2.0 offered by Mecsoft in the self-paced training section on their website. http://www.mecsoft.com/MillSelfTraining.shtml

Roland Cutting Procedures

ShopBot Cutting Procedures

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