Render Farm

What is the College of Design Render Farm?

A Render Farm is a grouping of high-performance machines that can distribute the load of rendering 3D Models. Due to this distribution of the work renders can be accomplished much quicker.

College of Design, Technology Services created a Render Farm comprised of 10 high performance Dells. Jobs can be submitted to the Render Farm automatically via the application of choice. Currently only Rhino and Vray rendering are supported. Jobs are processed on a first-come first-serve basis.

Purpose and Scope

The Render Farm is available to all Students and Faculty in the College of Design that have University-related work that needs to be rendered. All that is required is a Duck ID, there are no charges associated with the service.

The Render Farm was created to allow for faster renders and to free up space in our labs to students. We encourage students to give up their machines if they are not using them for University work when the lab is at capacity.

Instructions are broken into two parts: Creating a User and Submitting a Job. Creating a user only needs to be done once.

Creating A User

Submitting A Job to the Render Farm

Advanced Render Farm Topics