CrashPlan Pro Backup

What is CrashPlan Pro?

CrashPlan Pro is a centralized, multi-platform (Mac & PC), network-based backup solution. Client computers will run an application in the background that automatically backs up data to servers in Lawrence Hall as long as they have an active connection to the UO network.

Important Information:

Frequently Asked Quesions

How do I get set up?

For full time staff, College of Design, Technology Services requires that you have the client installed.

For tenure and tenure track faculty interested in using CrashPlan, please make a request through the UO Service Portal to schedule a time or stop by our Help Desk in LA 282 and we will install the client.

Is CrashPlan Pro available to everyone associated with the College of Design?

Due to funding and storage limitations, we are currently only able to offer this service to full time staff and tenure track faculty.

Do I have to install CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is required for all administrative staff and optional for eligible faculty.

Will CrashPlan work off campus?

You must be connected to the UO Network for CrashPlan to connect. This will require the use of VPN software if you are off campus.

Will CrashPlan slow down my computer?

CrashPlan is set up to run at all times but in a manner that uses minimal resources while you are using your computer and increases the amount when you are away from your computer.

It should be noted that it could take CrashPlan a day or so to do the initial backup.

Can I still use Time Machine with an external hard drive?

Yes you can. CrashPlan and Time Machine are able to co-exist on the same machine. Technology Services recommends you continue to backup with Time Machine to backup personal files and anything included in the exclusions list.

I have multiple computers or run Windows in Bootcamp; will I be able to backup each one?

Due to licensing limits, we are only able to offer one client for one operating system to each participant at this time.

What is the frequency of the backups?

CrashPlan Pro client, by default, is configured to perform an initial backup to the server which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on data size and speed of the connection. Thereafter, any files that have been modified will be backed up every 15 minutes.

If I delete a file from my computer, will it be deleted in the backups too?

Yes, but files deleted from the computer will be retained on the CrashPlan Server for 90 days before being deleted.

Can I backup my entire computer?

Our CrashPlan rollout is designed to backup User folders only. Your User folder includes files stored in folders such as Documents (Mac), My Documents (PC), Desktop, Pictures (Mac), My Pictures (PC), etc.

If you store important files outside of your User folder, we recommend you move them to a location within that directory.

Are all files types being backed up?

No they are not. Due to storage limitations we are not able to back up everything.

Included Paths

Mac OS X: /Users/username

Windows 7: C:Usersusername

Excluded Paths

Mac OS X:

  • /Users/username/Downloads
  • /Users/username/Music
  • /Users/username/Movies

Windows 7:

  • C:UsersusernameDownloads
  • C:UsersusernameMy Music
  • C:UsersusernameMy Videos

Excluded File Types:

.mp3 .aif .iff .m3u .m4a .mid .mpa .ra .wav .wma .flac .ogg .3g2
.3gp .asf .asx

.avi .flv .mov .mp4 .mpg .rm .vob .wmv .vcd

.pkg .7z .deb .gz .rar .rpm .sit .sitx .tar.gz .zip .zipx .dmg .iso .toast

.bak .gho .ori

.tmp .dbx .msi .part .torrent .swf

Verify your backups

How to verify that your data is being backed up by CrashPlan:

  1. Launch the CrashPlan application.
    • Mac OS X: /Applications/CrashPlan
    • Windows 7: C:Program FilesCrashPlanCrashPlanDesktop
  2. Click on the Restore tab on the left.
  3. Expand your folders by clicking the arrow to the left of their name.

This will show a list of all the data currently backed up by CrashPlan. If you find that some of the data that you expected to be backed up is not listed here, contact Technology Services through the UO Service Portal.

Restoring a File

How to restore a file using the CrashPlan client:

  1. Launch the CrashPlan application.
    • Mac OS X: /Applications/CrashPlan
    • Windows 7: C:Program FilesCrashPlanCrashPlanDesktop
  2. Click on the Restore tab on the left.
  3. Expand your folders by clicking the arrow to the left of their name.
  4. When you locate the file you wish to restore, there may be an arrow to the left of its name as well. If you expand this, it will list out the different versions of the file by their date and time.
  5. Check the box next to the file / version you wish to restore.
  6. At the bottom of the window will be a sentence such as “Restore the most recent version to Desktop and rename any existing files.” This follows the format of Version, Location, and Behavior. Clicking on each link allows you to change it. In this example:
    • Clicking “most recent” allows you to choose a date/time to restore the file from.
    • Clicking “Desktop” allows you to change the location the file is restored to.
    • Clicking “rename” allows you to change whether the file renames existing files or overwrites them.
  7. Click Restore. A progress bar will appear showing the status of the restore.