Data Storage Services

College of Design, Technology Services understands that having file server space to store critical data is very important to faculty and staff. The purpose of this policy is to clearly and effectively communicate what is available and provide a guideline for requesting assistance.

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College of Design, Technology Services currently manages one file server named AAAFILESERVER as well as server space on that is hosted by Information Services. Storage space on both are limited.

Course Folders

College of Design, Technology Services offers network file storage for academic courses free of charge. Course folders are available on a term by term basis and are archived for the following term. After that following term they are deleted to preserve server space. Data contained within these folders are backed up, however it is the responsibility of the faculty and students to ensure they have a copy saved on their computer system(s).

An email is sent out prior to each quarter with instructions on how to request a course folder.  To request a course folder, please make a request through the UO Service Portal.

Please visit this UO Service Portal KB document to learn how to connect to the course folders share.

Departmental Folders

Each department within the College of Design is provided with a network folder located on that is backed up and secured via DuckID credentials. Access is monitored by each department’s office manager and is dependent upon departmental membership.

Departmental folders are routinely backed up by College of Design, Technology Services.

Please visit this UO Service Portal KB document to learn how to connect to Departmental folders share.

OneDrive for Business (Office 365)

All faculty, staff, and students who have an active DuckID are enabled to access OneDrive for Business via the University’s Office 365 portal. The storage limit is 1 terabyte (TB). Functionality includes access to a local sync client, online document editing, document versioning, and the ability to share data both internal and external to the University.

To access the Office 365 portal, please navigate to and login with your DuckID credentials.

This online guide explains how to share data via OneDrive For Business.

User Data Backup

College of Design, Technology Services recommends that faculty and staff take steps to ensure their user data is backed up regularly.

For Mac users, we strongly encourage you to purchase an external hard drive and use Time Machine regularly to back up their computers.

For those using a PC, we have setup an internal CrashPlan server and can install a client that will backup certain data types to our server. This is also available to Mac users on request. Consult this CrashPlan guide or contact us through the UO Service Portal.

Third Party Cloud Services

Technology Services does not officially support third party storage solutions such as Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud, Box, and Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

While these are all available to anyone who has an account and are very handy in certain situations, it should be noted that absolutely no University owned data should be uploaded that may violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).