Course Folders

Each term, College of Design, Technology Services offers network file storage for academic courses associated with departments in the College of Design.

Course folders are restricted to a specific list of students and faculty. Only individuals specified by the faculty member requesting the course folder may access its contents. Authentication to Course Folders requires the use of a valid DuckID.

Requesting a Course Folder

Prior to each term, an email will be sent to the College of Design, Faculty and Staff mailing list with the following instructions:

To request a Course Folder, please open a help ticket in the UO Service Portal:

  • Name of Course (i.e. Arch 484)
  • Duration of Course (i.e. through Fall 2012)
  • The class list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

Duration & Backups

Course Folders are good for the term they serve. After the term is over, the folder is archived into the ‘Archived Course Folder’ share for the duration of one term. After that, Technology Services cannot guarantee the data will be available and may be deleted due to storage resource levels.

Course Folders are backed up. HOWEVER, it is the responsibility of the students and faculty to ensure data is not lost. Course Folders should be used for transmission or temporary storage only, do not rely on them as the sole storage location for your data. Please ensure that copies of critical files exist in multiple locations.