Using the Output Room

All Output Room services are offered on a pay to use basis.

Create your Document

Use graphic design software capable of saving to the PDF file format.

Submit Your File for Print

If you are laser printing (generally Letter or Tabloid size) see Laser Printing. If you are printing a poster, see Poster Printing for instructions on saving your file in the PDF/X-3 2002 format and submitting your document.

Acquire the Necessary Funding

The Output Room only accepts Duck Bucks (Campus Cash) or Punch Cards. We cannot accept cash, check, credit cards, index numbers, or journal vouchers.

Payment Methods

Duck Bucks (Campus Cash)

Duck Bucks (Campus Cash) is managed by the UO Card Office which is located in the lower level of the EMU. Call 541-346-3113 or go to for more information. Duck Bucks can be deposited to your UO ID Card:

  • Online using a debit or credit card through the QuickPay system on Duckweb. For instructions go to:
  • At the UO Card Office using cash, check, or debit/credit card.

Departmental Copy Cards

Departmental Copy Cards are linked to University index numbers and works like Duck Bucks (Campus Cash). They can be obtained only at the UO Card Office in the EMU and then can be replenished thereafter by contacting the card office via phone or e-mail.

Punch Cards

Punch Cards are sold at the Customer Service desk in the basement of the UO Duckstore. They are available in $5, $10, $25, and $50 amounts and are non-refundable.

Release Your Print Job

If you are laser printing, see Laser Printing for further instructions. If you are printing a poster, you must go to the Output Room window and tell the Output Room Operator to release your print job.

Pay For and Pick up Your Print

If you are laser printing, see Laser Printing for further instructions on how to pay for your print job. If you are printing a poster, payment is processed at the Output Room window when you come to pick up your completed print.