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Self Service

B&W Laser Printing

8¢ per page
either letter or tabloid size
single or double-sided

Color Laser Printing

25¢ per side letter size (8.5×11)
50¢ per side tabloid size (11×17)

Premium Color Laser Printing

Presentation Quality Paper (24lb) and Cardstock (80lb)


Letter – $1.00 per side
Tabloid – $2.00 per side
Transparencies (81/2 x 11) – $2.00 each

Poster Printing

Draft 24 inch wide roll – Light-weight Uncoated $2.00/linear ft.
Standard Printing
Matte 42 inch wide roll – Heavyweight Coated $8.00/linear ft.
Satin 42 inch wide roll – Heavyweight Coated $12.00/linear ft.
Mylar 42 inch wide roll – Matte Film Coated $12.00/linear ft.
Custom Paper customer provided media $12.00/linear ft.*
Premium Printing
Archival Matte 36 inch wide roll – premium coated $20.00/linear ft.
Archvial Photo Satin 36 inch wide roll – premium coated $20.00/linear ft.
Outdoor Banner 36 inch wide roll – scrim vinyl $20.00/linear ft.
Indoor Banner Matte 42 inch wide roll – polypropylene $15.00/linear ft.
Indoor Banner Satin 36 inch wide roll – polypropylene $20.00/linear ft.
Adhesive Vinyl 24 inch wide roll – sticky back $15.00/linear ft.

Other Services


Fitch (Large Format 42 inches wide, 12mm thick)**

Base Fee (up to 24×36, 200 dpi, B&W or Grayscale $4.00
– Color add $1.00
– up to 400 dpi add $1.00
– Special handling or over 24×36 add $1.00


Grommets: $2 each

CD-ROM – $1 each

DVD-ROM – $2 each

*We can accommodate most requests to print on special paper that you provide. We allow customer provided stock of any type that meets manufactures specifications. Customers are encouraged to become familiar with the various paper options available to them through the UO Bookstore, as paper quality, properties and color can have enormous impact on the finished product. All customer provided paper is at your own expense. With the immeasurable variety of media types it is impossible for us to know how alternative media might perform or what changes in workflow might be required. Therefore, you should be prepared for any additional printing cost that may be required to produce the desired result. [see Using Custom Paper].

Prices per linear foot for custom paper provided by the customer are determined the same as printing on 42 wide media roll.

It is the goal of the Output Room to be less expensive and more convenient than local alternatives. View our price comparison to see for yourself how some of the alternatives compare.

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