Laser Printing

Things to Know Beforehand

The Output Room supports both black & white and color laser printing. We stock only Letter (8.5” x 11”) and Tabloid (11” x 17”) paper sizes.

Print Release Stations / Lab Printers

Several print release stations have been installed at selected locations. You are required to have a valid UO ID or Departmental Copy Card, with available funds (Duck Bucks / Campus Cash) in order to release documents to the Lab Printers. Lab printers are only stocked with 20 lb. recycled white paper.

We have two options for color laser printing. There is a self-service color laser printer located in 281 Lawrence Hall (DCL Lab), or we have a premium color laser printing option using 24lb presentation quality paper, 80lb presentation quality cardstock, or overhead transparencies.


Do not use these printers for printing transparencies, inkjet paper, or trace paper. These materials have the potential to damage the printer. You will be held responsible for repair services for failing to follow this policy.

Setting Up Your Computer to Use College of Design Printers 
How to Use Print Release Stations

Self-Service Black and white printing costs:

8 cents ($0.08) per page,
either letter (8.5×11) or tabloid (11×17) size,
single or double-sided*.

Self-Service Color printing costs:

25 cents per side, letter (8.5×11)
50 cents per side tabloid (11×17)

*Windows computers default to double-sided printing automatically, in accordance with University policy.


Do not use these printers for printing TRANSPARENCIES (or other plastic material), INKJET PAPER, or TRACE PAPER. These materials have the potential to damage the printer. You will be held responsible for repair services for failing to follow this policy. If you see an error or out of paper message, please contact the Output Room: 280 Lawrence Hall
Phone: 541-346-2081.

Premium Color Laser Printing

Our premium laser printer (Henry), is located within the Output Room window and is only available during operating hours. Color laser printing through the Output room is done on letter or tabloid size, 24lb presentation paper, 80lb cardstock or letter size transparencies.

As with all other Output Room services you can pay for print jobs using either Duck Bucks (Campus Cash) or Punch Cards which can be purchased through the UO Duckstore.

Setting Up Your Computer to Use College of Design Printers
Submitting Jobs to Output Room Color Printer

Color printing costs:
Letter $1.00 per side
Tabloid $2.00 per side
Transparencies (8.5×11) $2.00 each

We can accommodate customer provided media as long as it is a paper based material. Prices for customer provided material are the same prices as standard pricing for similarly sized media. All customer provided paper is at your own expense. With the immeasurable variety of media types it is impossible for us to know how alternative media might perform or what changes in workflow might be required. Therefore, you should be prepared for any additional printing cost that may be required to produce the desired result.

We do not allow customer provided transparencies, sticky back or plastic material that has the potential to damage the laser printer. Customers are encouraged to try the EMU or other copy services for support for these materials.

Laser Printing Features

See the FAQ for instructions on printing double-sided (duplexing), forcing to the manual feed tray (for custom media) or specifying cardstock (on Henry).

Laser Printer Locations & Features

Frequently Asked Questions: printer locations and features

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