Submitting a 3D print

Submit as Class

This submission process is for instructors who are submitting course projects in bulk.

  • Meet with 3D technician to the discuss parameters of the class project. Those include:
    • number of expected models
    • model volume limit and/or cost limit per model
    • “needed-by” completion date
  • Files are expected to be print-ready

Cost: $8 / cubic inches of material used*

Contact the 3D technician via email:

NOTE: To qualify for the reduced pricing instructors will need to arrange for a lump sum payment either via department copy card or as a JV transfer through A&AA Fiscal Support.
*Material costs include both part material and support material.

Submit as Individual

Individuals will need the following:

  • Have a 3D model created with manifold geometry (often referred to as air-tight or water-tight)
  • Save model to STL file format
  • Determine model volume* using 3D printer software CatalystEX 4.4. | Using CatalystEX To Determine Material Usage
  • Fill out online submission form. | Submit A 3D Model for Printing
    • The online submission form records customer information, estimates model cost, and creates a work order.
    • You should receive an email confirming your submission
  • Printable models will be processed within 24-48 hours
  • Non-printable models – A 3D Tech will contact you regarding the issues related to your model and what your next steps will be
  • You should receive an email as when your order reaches each stage of the printing process (passed pre-flight, currently printing, post processing, completed)
  • Pickup complete model during 3D Tech office hours
    • Current payment method will be Duck Bucks (Campus Cash) Only (departments can use Departmental Copy Cards)

Cost: $10 / cubic inches of material used*

*Material costs include both part material and support material.