Getting Started (3D FAQ)

New to 3D printing? Here are some articles that will provide you with some information you will need.

Q: What is 3D Printing?


Q: What technologies is Tech equipped with?

1200esA: Various 3D printing techniques are practiced today. Below outlines what is currently available through Tech 3D Printing Services.

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): An additive manufacturing (3D Printing) process that uses thermoplastic materials, applying the material in layers.
  • Dimensions 1200es – uses ABSplus thermoplastic as the model material with soluble support material, enabling the ability to build intricate models with overhangs, nested, moving assemblies, and other complex geometries. The printer’s plastic filament travels through a tube to the print head, where the material is heated to a semi-liquid state then extruded in thin, precise layers (layer resolution is .013”). This printer also uses a separate soluble support material, for model stability and accuracy during printing. The print bed is 10”x10” with a 12” maximum build height.

Q: What software should I use to create my 3D model?

A: Here is a list of recommended software:

Recommended Design Tools

Recommended Pre-Flight Tools

Supported Tools

Other 3D Questions

Q: What should I be aware of when building my model?

A: Here are design guides for 3D printers supported by Design Tech.

Q: How do I figure out what my material volume will be?

A: Here is a guide to determine model volume using CatalstEX.

Q: I’m not part of a class. Can I still submit models for printing?

A: Yes. Here are the instructions for submitting models as an individual.