Thesis and Dissertation Resources

Abstracts and full text of all HA&A theses and dissertations since 2007 are available via the UO Scholars’ Bank, the open access repository for the intellectual work of faculty, students and staff at the University of Oregon.


  • ARMAS, JACOB: “Performing Askew: Milan Knizak’s Actions from the Everyday to the Ritual.” Advisor: J. Lin
  • SHAFFER, CASSIDY. “Hercules, Flawed and Fixed: An Aristotelian Problem with a Kinesic Solution in Medici Florence.” Advisor: J. Harper


  • MILLER, LUCY: “Egyptian Imagery on Roman Walls: The Relationship between Roman and Egyptian Elements in the First-Century CE Roman Wall Painting Isiac Ritual Worship from Herculaneum.” Advisor: K. Seaman
  • PHILLIPS, CAROLINE: “Not Dead but Sleeping: Resurrecting Niccolo Menghini’s Saint Martina.” Advisor: J. Harper
  • SCHNEIDER, ALEXANDRA. “Viewing Greek and Roman Elements in Augustus’ Actium Monument at Nicopolis, Greece.” Advisor: K. Seaman


  • ANDERSON, AMELIA: “Performing Upon Her Painted Piano: The Burne-Jones Pianos and The Victorian Female Gender Performance.” Advisor: N. Amstutz
  • GOFF, ALEXA: “The ‘Rare and Curious’ Library of Sir Julius Caesar: Marvel, Miniaturization, and Antiquarian Librarianship on Display.” Advisor: J. Harper
  • KOCHMAN, SLOANE: “Back to Zero: The Artistic and Pedagogical Philosophy of Anni Albers.” Advisor: J. Lin
  • MOORMAN, MICHAEL MASON: “Images of Protest: Barrier Wall Art by Ron English and Other Street Artists.” Advisor: J. Lin
  • XIE, KUN: “The Form of No-Form: Reconstructing Huineng in Two Paintings by Liang Kai.” Advisor: C. Lachman


  • DENNING, CATHERINE: “Departing from History: Sharon Hayes, Reenactment and Archival Practice in Contemporary Art.” Advisor: K. Mondloch
  • JAMESON, DERRY: “Curating Buddhism: Reimagining Buddhist Statues in a Museum and Temple Setting.” Advisor: C. Lachman
  • LONG, LINDSAY: “On the Use and Meaning of Wood in Chinese Imperial Architecture.” Advisor: C. Lachman
  • SMITH, RACHEL: “A Chameleonic Icon: Questioning the Underground Christian Identity of an Edoperiod Amida Sculpture in the Nyoirin Kannon-dō, Kawaguchi City.” Advisor: A. Walley
  • SABITT, CLAIRE: “Wearing the Hat of an Other: Alterity and Self-Fashioning in Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione’s Oriental Heads.” Advisor: J. Harper
  • POUNDS, MEGAN: “(Un) Forming Nature: Kurt Schwitters’s Merz Barn (1947-1948).” Advisor: J. Cheng
  • PARMAN, ALISON: “A World in Print; Foreigners in Japan’s Early Modern Bankoku jinbutsu-zu.” Advisor: A. Walley
  • NANNENMAN, ALEXANDRIA: “The Cultural Theatrics of Early Modern Images of Demonic Possession.” Advisor: J. Harper
  • MICKLE, ALLIE: “Art Beyond the Generic City: Yang Yongliang’s Photo Composites 2007-2012.” Advisor: J. Lin
  • KIM, SANGAH: “Western-style Painting in Pan-Asian Context: The Art and Historical Legacies of Kuroda Seiki, Li Shutong, and Go Hui-dong, 1889-1916.” Advisor: J. Lin
  • GARVIN, KAITIE: “A Genuine Dilemma: The Piombino Apollo and Fraud in the First and Second Century Greco-Roman Art Market.” Advisor: J. Hurwitt
  • BOUNDS, CHYNA: “Critiquing the French: The Satirical Monuments of James Gillray and George Cruikshank.” Advisor: N. Amstutz


  • DUNN, STEPHANIE: “Collecting Memories: Rachel Whiteread’s House and Memory in Contemporary London.” Advisor: K. Mondloch
  • HAJELA, CHRISTIE: “Painting Photography: Robert Bechtle and the Critical Legacy of 1960s Photorealism.” Advisor: K. Mondloch
  • ZIEGLER, ALEXANDRA: “Divinity & Destiny: Marian Imagery in Rubens’ Life of Marie de’ Medici.” Advisor: J. Harper
  • LANCASTER, MEREDITH: “From Art to Performance: Marcel Duchamp’s Imagery of Chess Exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery.” Advisor: J. Cheng
  • KARP, MACKENZIE: “Ethic Lost: Brutalism and the Regeneration of Social Housing Estates in Great Britain.” Advisor: K. Eggener
  • HWANG, SARAH: “Between Indoor and Outdoor: The Graffiti and Installations of Barry McGee (“Twist”).” Advisor: O. Howell
  • SZUMITA, LAUREN:  “Toward a New Landscape: The Architectural Photography of Gabriele Basilico, 1978-1984.” Advisor: J. Cheng
  • NORTHEY, JANET: “The Power of Sobriety.” Advisor: J. Harper
  • PARRY, CAROLINE: “The Abramović Method: The Performance Art of Marina Abramović, 2010 to Present.” Advisor: K. Mondloch


  • MOUNCE, KIERSTEN: “Revolution through Beautiful Modern Art: Ren Herbst’s Chaises Sandows and the Union des Artists Modernes (1929-1937).” Advisor: A. Narath
  • PHILLIPS, MADDELAINE: “Antony Gormley: Contemporizing the Index.” Advisor: J. Lin
  • ROBISON, SARAH: “Picturing Reality in Postwar Italy; The Photographs of Mario Giacomelli in Relationship to Italian Neorealist Cinema.” Advisor: K. Mondloch
  • CEKANDER, MEGAN: “Beyond Fabric: the Oil Barrels of Christo in Paris, 1958-1961.” Advisor: A. Narath
  • KIM, GINA: “Visualizing Colonial Beauty: Female Figure Paintings of Yi Yu-Tae, 1943-1944.” Advisor: J. Lin


  • BARTH, RACHEL: “Photographing the ‘Ghosts of the Living’: The Fotodinamismo Futurista of Anton Guilio & Arthur Bragaglia, 1911-1913.” Advisor: J. Cheng
  • BEAVER, KATE: “Convulsive Curation: Cesar Moro and the International Surrealist Exhibitions of 1935-1942.” Advisor: J. Cheng
  • BORENGASSER, DANIEL: “Replicating Icons: Personal and Public Identities of Buddhist Statues in the Seiryōji Shaka Tradition.” Advisor: A. Walley
  • GREER, KELSIE: “’The Prickly Mountain Phenomenon’: A Challenge to Architectural Educatin at Yale.” Advisor: A. Narath
  • KEAST, LINSDAY: “The Emptiness of Abstraction?: Philip Guston’s Abstract Expressionist Works, 1948-1953.” Advisor K. Mondloch
  • KUGLER, KATRENA: “Bridging Heaven and Spain: The Virgin of Mercy from the Late Medieval Period to the Age of Exploration” Advisor: N. Camerlenghi
  • SCHLOTZHAUER, MAY: “Gotô Baramon Kite as Emblem.” Advisor: A. Walley.








  • AALAND, ALYSSA: “Fur and Fleece: Clothing and Adornment in the Pazyryk Culture of the Altai Mountains.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.
  • ALINA, MAUNU: “Becoming Modern: C.S. Price and the Northwest Landscape.” Advisor: A. Schulz.
  • TURNER, LESLIEANNE: “The Political Re-contextualization of Ravi Varma’s Printed Goddess Image.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.
  • COLEMAN, MINA SOPHEL: “Scenes of Divine Birth on the Statue Bases of the Pheidian School in 5th Century Greece.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • DEAN, KRISTEN: “Life and Death: The Fashioning of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art.” Advisor: D. Hurtt.
  • GOULD, GAIL: “A Study of the Architecture and Sculptural Decoration of the Venetian Synagogues.” Advisor: A. Morrogh.
  • HICKS, AMANDA: “Fashioned and Re-fashioned Identity: Cultural Hybridity in the Textile Works of Yinka Shonibare.” Advisor: K. Mondloch.
  • WAGES, ELIZABETH: “The Sphinx and Sacred Space: Understanding Archaic Greek Votive Sphinxes.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.


  • BORGARDT, DAWN: “Beware of Domestic Objects: Art and Politics in Claude Cahun’s Surrealist Photography.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • CLARK, AMANDA: “Building the Financial Façade: Jacques Antoine’s Hötel de la Monnaie, The Parisian Mint, 1765-1775.” Advisor: A. Morrogh.
  • GERSHWIN, JUSTIN: “Fame, Graffiti and Anonymous Rage: The Getting Up of Jean-Michel Basquiat.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • SWENDSEID, KATRINA AKIKO: “The Turkic Male Image of Inner Asia.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.


  • BURNS, KARA: “The Greek World of the Dead: Its Topography in the Art and Literature of the Archaic and Classical Periods.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • CHANG, SU-CHEN: “Empress Yang as a Calligrapher.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • ELLISON, NISSIE: “Masculine, Feminine and Radical Manifestations of the Woman’s Building at the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • GAUGER, CRYSTAL: “Ludwig I of Bavaria as a 19th Century German ‘Medici’ in Munich: Romanticism and Nationalism in the Architecture and Frescoes of the Ludwigskirche.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • GOUDY, GAYLE: “Computer-Aided Design’s Affect on Contemporary Architecture with a Case Study of Frank Gehry’s Career.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • HEREFORD, KIMBERLY: “Whistler and Fashion: Early Depictions of Aesthetic Dress.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • HEVEL, DEREK: “Grounded Originality: Sigmar Polke’s Use of Fabric as a Foil for Modernism’s Origins.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • PARR, ELIZABETH: “Wayward Women: Printing and the Role of Women in Reformation Culture.” Advisor: J. Harper.
  • RUSSELL, HEATHER: “Points of Intersection: Swallows and Ewers on Bronze Age Thera.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.


  • BURNHAM, MARY HELEN: “Modernist Utopias: Female Subjectivity and Three Nude Self-Portraits of Paula Modersohn-Becker.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • COOPER, TIFFANY STITH: “Minor White in Oregon, 1937-42.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • DILLON, HANNAH: “Robert Colescott: Valley of the Queens, 1964-1969.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • HIGENDORF, NATHAN R.: “Chinese Glass in the University of Oregon Museum of Art: A Collection in Context.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • McDOWELL, GLORIA BEATRIZ: “The Space of the Species: Matta’s ‘sensitive Mathematics – Architecture of Time’ and Surrealism.” Advisor: S. Simmons
  • MEE LEE, OH: “The Diamond Mountain Paintings of the University of Oregon Museum of Art: The Development of Diverging Styles of Depicting a Sacred Korean Site.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • ROOS, BONNIE: “Entanglements of Gender and Nation in Anselm Kiefer’s Art.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • ROWAN, JENNIFER: “Danger and Devotion: The Mother of Demons in the Stories and Stones of Gandhara, A Historiography and Catalogue of Images of Early
  • Buddhist Deity of Abundance.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.
  • RYAN, MARY KATE: “Coming Home: A Cultural Case Study of Better Homes and Gardens Five Star Plans, 1946.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • WEST, PRISCILLA: “Text into Art: The Chronica Dominicana and Tomaso da Modena’s Chapter House Frescoes at San Nicolo in Treviso.” Advisor: R. Sundt.
  • WRIGHT, AMANDA: “A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Gertrude Bass Warner, General Normann Munthe, and the Enigma of the UOMA Buddha.” Advisor: C. Lachman.


  • MELTON, LISA: “Herman Preusse: Spokane, Washington’s Pioneer Architect.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • PREIS, MARY: “The Ivory Triad from Mycenae.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.


  • FORRLER, CARA: “The Japanese Kesa: A Patchwork of Meanings.” Advisor: S. Thompson.
  • LEMON, KIMBERLY: “A Woman’s Place in the Ranks: Elizabeth Thompson Butler’s ‘Roll Call’ and the Gendered Mediation of Late Victorian Nationalistic Ideology.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • TOTTEN, ANDREA: “A Study of Norwegian Stave Church Portal Figural Decoration: An Analysis of the Placement of Mythological Saga Imagery on Christian Church Entrances.” Advisor: M-L. Dolezal.


  • GREENWOOD, KEVIN R.: “The Qianlong Emperor as the Bodhisattva Manjushri: Religion, Politics and Self-Conception in the Qianlong Period.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • LACKAFF, DALENE G.: “A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscript Books of Hours in the Collection of the Mount Angel Abbey Library with an Historiographical Essay on the Study of Books of Hours.” Advisor: A. Acres.
  • MARKLE, GREER: “Diego Rivera’s ‘Portrait of America’: Marxism and Montage.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • PONTON, CLAUDIA: “Between Death and Life: Trauma in the Art of Yayoi Kusama.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • ROSENZWEIG, RACHEL: “Aphrodite in Athens: A Study of Art and Cult in the Classical and Late Classical Periods.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • TROUSDALE, DEBORAH K.: “The Virgin with a Book in Anglo-Saxon England: A Thematic Essay and Working Catalogue of Northern European Examples, ca. 800-ca. 1450.” Advisor: M-L. Dolezal.


  • ANTON, MIRIAM R.: “Seven Minutes in New York City: A Modernist Perspective on Charles Sheeler’s and Paul Strand’s Manhatta.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • BUDD, MARTA LYNN: “Fashion in Profile: The Body in Georges Seurat’s ‘La Grande Jatte’ and ‘Les Poseuses.’” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • HAAS, CYNTHIA L.: “The Architectural Response to Changing Spiritual Needs at Notre-Dame of Paris in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.” Advisor: R. Sundt.
  • HURLEY, MARIANNE RAPALUS: “The California Churches of Ernest A. Coxhead.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • JONES, LYNN F. (Ph. D): “The Multi-Unit Housing of Irving Gill, Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • LAMB, JANET M.: “Harley S. McDonald: An Early Oregon Architect-Builder.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • METZGER, KATHLEEN L.: “The Women’s Flounced-Skirt Costume as it Appears in the Bronze Age Frescoes of Thera.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • NATTINGER, JEAN KATHERINE: “Rogier Van Der Weyden and the Mystery of the Fragmented Altarpiece: As Study in the Typology of Fifteenth-Century Devotional Composition.” Advisor: A. Acres.


  • DOPSON, DIANA: “Carlos Vierra and the Origins of the Spanish Pueblo Revival Style.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • EMERSON, FAITH: “Modern Art Hits Stumptown: Sally H. Lewis and Vanguard Exhibitions at the Portland Art.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • MILLER, WENDY P.: “Recollection and Reformation: Paul Klee’s Exploration of Children’s Creative Impulse, 1905-1912.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • COLLINS, KRISTIN B.: “Manet and Chardin: Artistic Affiliation and the Problem of ‘Frenchness’ in Painting, 1858-1870.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • KERRIGAN, MARLENE B.: “The Kalkar Retable: An Analysis and Reconstruction of its Iconographic Program.” Advisor: A. Acres.
  • PHILIPS-MEADOW, SORIA: “Fresh Seeing: Carr’s Engagement with Contemporary Thought and Expression in Early Twentieth-Century Canadian Landscape Painting.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • WILLIS, SUSANNE EVA: “The Sacred Architecture of Didyma Seen through the Religious Development of Apollo’s Oracular Cult.” Advisor: R. Sundt.


  • CREDGINGTON, KRISTEN ELIZABETH: “Nurses, Fisherman, and Shepherds: A Re-examination of the Portrayal of Old Age in Hellenistic Sculpture.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • GRYTE, JAMES BRIAN: “Eighteenth Century Organ Design: Two Case Studies in Holland and South Germany.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • HOWLAND, DAVID MATTHEW: “The Landscape as Pictorial Frame: Andy Goldsworthy’s Permanent Sculptures at Grizedale Forest Park.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • KALY, JOHN PERRY: “Deconstructing the Ancien Regime: Iconoclasm and the French Revolution.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • KUCERA, KARIL J.: “Lessons in Stone: Baodingshan and its Hell Imagery.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • PANTER, MARILYN: “The Female Performer in the Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec: The Carnivalesque in Fin-de-Siecle Paris.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • SHANKS-ROCHESTER, SUSAN: “Saint-Etienne at Caen and the Beginnings of the Clerestory Passage in Normandy.” Advisor: R. Sundt.
  • SWANBORN, SARA M. HEIL: “Dürer, Cranach, and the Development of Lutheran Compositional Principles in the Early Reformation.” Advisor: A. Acres.
  • TAN, CHRISTINE C.Y.: “‘The Jieziyuan Huazhuan,’ or ‘The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting and Calligraphy,’ and the Late Ming Culture.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • UTTER, HEATHER MARIE: “‘Personages’: Louise Bourgeois and Gendered Existentialism.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • CARMIN, JAMES: “Those ‘Damned Portraits’: The Development and Critical Reception of J.A.D. Ingres’s Portraits.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • CLAYPOOL, LISA: “The Social Body: ‘Beautiful Women’ Imagery in Late Imperial China.” Advisor: C. Lachman.
  • DOUD, JAYNE L.: “Chloethiel Woodward Smith, FAIA, Washington’s Urban Gem.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • FARR, LIBBY DAWSON: “Art Museum as Bridges Across Time: Four American Collegiate Art Museum of the 1980s.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • LAMUNIERE, MICHELLE C.: “Roll, Jordon, Roll: The Gullah Photographs of Doris Ulmann.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • ROEHR, SUSAN N.: “Sezincote: The ‘Hindoo’ Aesthetic in British Architecture, 1795-1820.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • SAILOR, RACHEL M.: “Tradition and Innovation: A Reconsideration of the Hagia Sophia Apsidal Icon.” Advisor: M-L. Dolezal.
  • VORDERSTRASSE, LIESL KATHRIN: “Mother Earth Laid Bare: Agriculture and the Environment in Art of American Scene Regionalism, 1932-1946.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • WITTWER, KATHY: “Gaze of Stone: The Gorgon Medusa on the Acropolis of Athens.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • YANKOSKY, THOMAS JOSEPH: “Rogier Van Der Weyden’s St. Ivo (?): Questions of Portraiture and Identity in Fifteenth-Century Flemish Painting.” Advisor: A. Acres.


  • BUCKLEY, ALEXANDRA M.: “Glendale, Ohio: A Study of Early Suburban Development in America.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • DOMBROWSKI, DANIELA: “Hubert Robert’s Paintings of the Louvre- Studies of Gender and Artistic Institutions in Revolutionary France.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • SHAPIRO, LAWRENCE M.: “Heimatschutz and German Landscape Perception 1904-1914: Images, Ideology, Historiography.” Advisor: L. Roth.


  • LECHNER, ANDREE PURDOM: “Hodler and Vienna: Adaptation and Transformation.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • POOLE, KETRINA: “Satirical Humor and the American Domestic Scene: Lily Martin Spencer (1822-1902) and Shake Hands (1854).” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • POOLE, SABINA: “The Emergence and Development of a Pacific Northwest Regional Style of Architecture.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • RUSH, KAREN A.: “The Adaption of Historical Meaning: John Constable’s Waterloo Bridge, from Whitewall Stairs, June 18th 1817.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • TSURUYA, MAYU: “Isamu Noguchi’s Cronos: Myth in the Atomic Age.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • BALLANTYNE, MARGO S.: “The Effect of Advertising on the Early Works of Stuart Davis.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • DE QUIROZ, DONNA: “The Virgin of the Don Icon as the Pivotal Work of Theophanes the Greek.” Advisor: D. McKenzie.
  • ENNIS, WILLIAM D.: “‘A Fair and Just Moment’: A Narrative Reading of Catlin’s North American Indian Portfolio.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • FISCHER, CLAUDIA: “Van Gogh’s Translations: The Copies After Millet.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • JIANG, WEI QIANG: “The Formation of the Classic Rothko: A Pictorial and Philosophical Study of Mark Rothko’s Art.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • McCUMSEY, ELLEN K.: “David Smith’s Landscapes in Post-War America: Modernism’s Revision of the Pastoral.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • MOHR, MARILYN E.: “The Murau Landscapes of Wassily Kandisky, Gabriele Munter and Alexej Jawlensky.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • MULLER, KEVIN R.: “Innovation and Transformation: Jean Baptiste Greuze and Genre Painting of the Ancien Regime.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • OLESON, CORI MARIE: “The Offering-Table from Thera and the Problem of the ‘Marine Style’ in the Bronze Age Aegean.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.


  • ASTON, VALERIE: “The Representation of India by British Landscape Artists between 1780-1880.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.
  • EARNSHAW, CONSTANCE: “Guitar Song: Ming and Ch’ing Illustrations of the Po Chu-I’s Tang Poem.” Advisor: E. Laing.
  • HARKOVITCH, VICTORIA ANN: “‘Das Ding an Sich in Stimmung’: The Still Life’s of Paula Modersohn-Becker.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • PIERCE, CHRISTINA L.: “Devotion by Design: An Analysis of Ms.67, A Fifteenth-Century Flemish Book of Hours from Mt. Angel Abbey, Oregon.” Advisor: R. Mann.
  • WHALEN, KARIN S.: “An Analysis of Nicolas Poussin’s ‘Holy Family on the Steps’ of 1648.” Advisor: R. Mann.


  • BOUGHN-MEYER, DEBORAH: “Baudelaire’s Salon of 1846: The Role of Delacroix.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • FESHBACH, RIVA: “Rudolf Schindler’s Concept of Space Architecture: Theory and Practice.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • HANSON, VIRGINIA WILSON: “A Study of American Collectors of Early Modern French Art: Caribel and Etta Cone and John Quinn.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • JOHNSON, CATHERINE: “The Early Career of Thomas Moran, Painter and Illustrator of the American Landscape.” Advisor: K. Nicholson.
  • LOCKARD, RAY ANNE KIBBEY: “The Legend of the Holy Cross by Agnolo Gaddi in the Cappella Maggiore of Santa Croce, Florence.” Advisor: F. Pitts.
  • TALLACKSON, KAREN LEE: “Pop Art and the Comic.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • BROWN, RANDI L.: “The Church Interiors of Harriet Backer.” Advisor: M. Donnelly.
  • CRAWFORD, BRYAN: “The Residential Architecture of Ellis Fuller Lawrence.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • GRIFFITH, NATHAN PAUL: “Performance as Sculpture: Chris Burden 1971-1978.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • POSTON, VIRGINIA SCHUSTER: “Cultural Implications of the Golden Treasure of Tillya-Tepe.” Advisor: E. Jacobson.
  • SCHNEIDER, GREG: “David Hockney’s Parade: An Evening of French Music Theatre Picasso Redux.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • SHURTLEFF, CHERYL K.: “La Peinture au Defi: Aragon, Surrealism, and Collage.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • STALEY, LISA ANN: “Fra Filippo Lippi’s Barbadori Altarpiece: Artistic Innovation in the Culture of Early Quattrocento Florence.” Advisor: F. Pitts.
  • SWIM, ROGER: “Le Corbusier’s Modulor: One Man’s Search for Proportion, Form and Harmony.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • WEST, PRISCILLA S.: “Viking Iconography in the Romanesque Christian Art of Scandinavia.” Advisor: M. Donnelly.


  • BELOVIC, MARINA: “Late Byzantine Painting in Siberia: Kalenic and the Kariye Djami.” Advisor: D. McKenzie.
  • CHEREMETEFF, MARIA: “The Transformation of the Russian Sanctuary Barrier and the Role of the Theophanes the Greek.” Advisor: D. McKenzie.
  • HEINY, HENRIETTE A. GRAM: “Boxing in British Sporting Art 1730-1824.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • TAGORE, SUNDRAM: “Louis I. Kahn’s ‘City of the Tiger’ in Bangladesh: A Social Political and Artistic Analysis of City Planning.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • TANAKA, KUMIKO: “The Influence of Italy and Jean Pucelle on French Manuscript Painting of the Fourteenth Century.” Advisor: D. McKenzie.
  • ULLMAN, ADELE A.: “The Aegean Nilotic Landscape: Interconnections Between Egypt and the Aegean during the Late Bronze Age.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.


  • MORRISETTE, LISA O.: “The Mystic Art of Morris Graves and its Relationship with Asian Art and Philosophy.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • SHI, ICHIN: “The Development of Still Life Depictions in China.” Advisor: E. Laing.


  • ROSE-PERRINE, ANITA S.: “El Lissitzky’s Prouns: Enigmatic Paradigms of Utopian Visions, Mysticism, and Modern Mathematics.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • TANAKA KUMIKO: “The Influence of Italy and Jean Pucelle on French Manuscript Painting of the Fourteenth Century.” Advisor: D. McKenzie.
  • TRIONE, DEBRA: “Las Meninas Again in 1957: Picasso’s Variations on a Theme.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • COCHRAN, ROBIN M.: “The Griffins of Thera: A Study of Style and Influence in the Bronze Aegean.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • GAPPMEYER, MARK SAMUEL: “The Isenheim Altarpiece: Salvation and Healing in the Sixteenth Century.” Advisor: F. Pitts.
  • SKILLMAN, DENISE: “Altichiero DaZevio’s Chapel of S. Giacomo at the Santo in Padua: An Examination of His Narrative Style and Its Social Background.” Advisor: F. Pitts.
  • WETHERELL, ANN E.: “Paintings and Poems of Birds by Shen Chou (1427-1509).” Advisor: E. Jacobson.


  • KASNER, MICHAEL: “A Proposed Reconstruction of the Weaponry of the ‘Battle Relief’ of the Alexander Sarcophagus.” Advisor: J. Hurwit.
  • McGUIRE, GALINA K.: “Elena Guro, Cubo-Futurist Painter-Poet: A Life in Art.” Advisor: S. Simmons.


  • CYRIL, JASMIN W.: “Piero della Francesca’s Baptism of Christ: A Stylistic and Iconographic Examination.” Advisor: F. Pitts.
  • EMBICK, LUCY McCORMICK: “The Expressionist Current in New York’s Avant-Garde: The Paintings of the Ten.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • LAKIN, KIMBERLY L.: “The Life and Work of John Hunzicker, Architect 1867-1945.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • SABATINI, BARBARA: “Pope Nicholas V’s Chapel of Saints Stephen and Lawrence by Fra Angelico: An Historical Interpretation.” Advisor: F. Pitts.
  • WILSON, STEWART JEROME: “John Nolen, An Overview of his Career.” Advisor: L. Roth.


  • MILLER, MICHAEL A.: “Robert Rauschenberg: Image as Metaphor.” Advisor: S. Simmons.
  • TUNG, YUAN-FANG: “The Seventeenth Century Suchou Painter Li Shih-ta.” Advisor: E. Laing.


  • BELLOWS, HEATHER E.: “Twelfth-Century Novgorodian Painting: Byzantine Influence and Novgorodian Innovation.” Advisor: M. Donnelly.
  • GARWOOD, ROBERT D.: “The Rise of the American Gas Station.” Advisor: L. Roth.
  • HEARST, STEVEN D.: “The Works of Antonio Sant’ Elia: Chronology and Context.” Advisor: L. Roth.
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