Graduate Student Profiles

Dan Baliban

Dan Baliban studies European art from the Salon des Refusés to World War II, with special emphasis on aestheticism, formalism(s), and approaches to abstraction. He is currently conducting research on the robot in early twentieth-century visual culture for a project on abstract figuration in the ornamentation of Oregon Architect William Christmas Knighton. 

Emily Beckstrand

Emily Beckstrand is interested in Latin American art with an emphasis on the 18th-century and the enduring changes Spanish colonization introduced for indigenous methods of artistic expression and style. She is also interested in museum studies and the role museums play in relation to power, representation and education within a society.

Alisha Camden

Prior to attending the UO, Alisha studied and worked as a professional dancer and choreographer. Her research resides in the world of contemporary art, architecture and performance studies. She is passionate about museum work and enjoys thinking about the relationship between objects, the people who make them and the people who view them. Alisha is currently pursuing a concurrent master’s degree in both architecture and art history.

Gabriela Chitwood

Gabriela is interested in Medieval art with an emphasis on gothic architecture and the architecture of religious spaces. She is particularly interested in the historiography of these spaces. She approaches this research seeking to leverage technology as a research tool wherever possible.

Zane Casimir

Zane Casimir is interested in the complex interrelationships amidst the assembly, the activation, and the aesthetics of constructed space—virtual and otherwise. His constellation of interests includes digital games, architecture of all forms/functions, modern and contemporary art, Japanese art, and cultural material.

Jayne Cole

Jayne Cole studies global contemporary art with a focus on contemporary Chinese art in a transnational context.

Eric Dil

Eric Dil is interested in art and science in the development of garden and landscape architecture, and aims to define his research as a comparative study between Europe and the United States. He wants to become a researcher that uses his knowledge to publish, teach, develop exhibition concepts and curate exhibitions.

Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes studies ancient Mediterranean art with an emphasis in Greek sculpture and architecture. He is particularly interested in ritual space in the Greek and Roman worlds, as well as the way antiquity has been utilized by artists throughout time.

Zoey Kambour

Zoey Kambour is interested in the Al-Andalusian era. She wants to study the art in manuscripts to learn more about the intersection and collaboration of cultures from the era.

Zoe Lalonde

Zoe Lalonde specializes in modern and contemporary Japanese art, globalization, and visual media in Japanese popular culture.

Emily Lawhead

Emily Lawhead specializes in contemporary Japanese art and new media. She is interested in the globalization of the art world, intersections of art and technology, and variable media conservation.

Liam Maher

Liam Maher is interested in gender, sexuality, sex, and race politics in contemporary and modern art. He is also interested in the artistic performativity of gender.

Cara Mico

My educational goals are focused on networking, research, and developing the skills I need to conduct independent research on a variety of topics.

Christin Newell

Christin Newell is interested in glocalization and how it has become integrated into Asian countries, history of Japanese prints, the Cultural Revolution in China, and politics in art and how they were used in South Korea, China and Japan. In addition, she enjoys Western European and Middle Eastern art from France, Italy, Spain, and Egypt.

Rae Root

Rae Root is an Art and Architecture History Masters Student at University of Oregon, researching the intersection of modern and contemporary art and issues of space, landscape, urbanism and environment. Her current project looks at the photography of Oregon’s lesbian lands from a queer ecological and critical spatial perspective.

Cassidy Schoenfeld

Cassidy Schoenfeld is interested in 19th century American landscape painting and how it corresponds with Transcendental philosophy. She is currently investigating the environmental art of 19th century landscape painters and comparing them to contemporary environmental/eco–art.

Sammy Shaw

Sammy Shaw specializes in Modern Art and Comparative Literature, with an emphasis on Scandinavia and German Expressionism. She is also interested in Latin American & Mexican Modernism as well as Feudal Japanese art.

Katlyn Smith

Katlyn Smith’s primary areas of interest are Colonial Latin America & Brazil, with an emphasis on global connections. She also enjoys studying Romance Languages and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Joseph Sussi

Joe Sussi is interested in the art of the Americas with an emphasis on contemporary environmental art practices, post-nature, ecocritical art history, land-use politics, nuclear aesthetics, and truth-formation.