Grad Certificate in Museum Studies

Graduating with the Certificate

In order to graduate with the certificate, a student must fill out the Museum Studies Completion Form and apply to graduate through the Graduate School no later than Friday of Week 2 in the term of graduation. It is highly recommended that you submit your Completion Form prior to filing your application to graduate to make sure that you have satisfied all of the requirements for the certificate.

Once your application is processed, the certificate director will receive a request to confirm that you have successfully satisfied all the requirements for the certificate.

For general information about pursuing a graduate certificate at the University of Oregon, including important policies, procedures, and deadlines, please visit the Graduate School’s Pursuing a Graduate Certificate webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact the certificate director.

Former Certificate Requirements
(valid for students who began the program prior to summer 2019)

The new requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies (GCMS) take effect beginning Fall 2019. During the transitional period, students who began the program under the old requirements have the option to complete the certificate with the old requirements (below) or switch to the new requirements.

The GCMS banner on your degree guide will automatically distribute the applicable courses you took according to the new requirements. If you would like to complete the certificate with the old requirements, please list all applicable courses on the Museum Studies Completion Form.

The certificate program requires 28 credits, including a 200-hour internship (6 credits).

Students from sponsoring units will ask their home department advisors to advise them in the pursuit of the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate. Students from other departments will be advised by the Director of Museum Studies.

Required Courses (17 or 18 credits)

  • Museum Theory (4 credits) or Cultural Museum (3 credits)
  • Museum Education (4 credits)
  • Nonprofit Management course (4 credits), with approval from the Museum Studies certificate director
  • Internship (200 hours, 6 credits)

A 200-hour internship, in a museum, is mandatory. The six academic credits required may include pre- and post-internship courses. Students from departments that do not offer one will consult with their Museum Studies advisor to arrange a satisfactory internship. Following the internship, using a format and venue arranged with their advisor, students must make a public presentation about their professional learning.

Electives (10 or 11 credits)

In consultation with their advisor and the Museum Studies certificate director, students can choose from a wide variety of electives that will enhance their knowledge of the museum field. Some relevant courses recently offered include Planning Interpretive Exhibits, Interpretive Exhibits Studio, Museum Ethics, Collections Care, and Art Law.